Teaching TV Advertising

BookTeaching TV Advertising

Teaching TV Advertising


September 1st, 2004





Teaching TV Advertising offers a clear introduction to advertising and its role in television. Beginning with the history of the growth of the advertising industry, Wendy Helsby goes on to explore: The language of advertising including textual analysis, visual and auditory codes, narrative and genre, and intertextuality; Audience and targeting including cultural, global and regional codes; Messages and meanings looking at representation and ideologies; The industry and its institutions from ad agencies to production companies, from commercial TV channels to regulatory bodies. Teaching TV Advertising also includes a great many classroom resource sheets to support each section of the book, a clear glossary and a further resources list, including a suggested lesson plan. Certain to be of practical use, Teaching TV Advertising is an essential resource for teachers of both GCSE and A level Media Studies.

Author Information

Wendy Helsby taught media and film studies at Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke, U.K., and is a tutor for the Open University. She is the author of Teaching TV Advertising, Children's Comics: A Teacher's Guide, and Teaching TV Quiz Shows.