Shadows of the Future

BookShadows of the Future

Shadows of the Future

H G Wells, Science, Fiction and Prophecy

Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, 6


July 1st, 1995

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H. G. Wells, the inventor of the concept of the time machine and the phrase ‘the Shape of Things to Come’ described his life’s work as one of ‘critical anticipation’. Shadows of the Future identifies this attempt to imagine possible futures as the unifying principle behind Wells’s diverse and sometimes wayward literary career. Described by John Middleton Murry as ‘the last prophet of bourgeois Europe’, he was also its first futurologist.

This is a book which will, indeed, cast its shadow into the future: I venture to prophesy that students of Wells will be reading it for a long time to come.
Michael Sherborne, The Wellsian

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Patrick Parrinder is Professor in the School of English and American Literature at the University of Reading. He has been a contributor to the London Review of Books.