Ancient Greece and Rome in Modern Science Fiction

BookAncient Greece and Rome in Modern Science Fiction

Ancient Greece and Rome in Modern Science Fiction

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November 1st, 2022





Ancient Greece and Rome in Modern Science Fiction introduces and analyses the reception of classical antiquity in contemporary science fiction. By using up-to-date methods from classical reception theory, science-fiction analysis and fictional-world studies, the book will help furnish the reader’s understanding of the ways in which the literature, culture, history and mythology of ancient Greece and Rome are appropriated and represented across multiple media platforms in the science-fiction genre today. The book will therefore serve as an entry point into several areas of study: the reception of classics in popular culture, antiquity in modern media, the uses of the ancient world in science-fiction, and broader science-fiction criticism. The chapters – structured by medium – principally offer a roughly chronological overview of that medium and its treatment of ancient history, mythology, literature and culture. An abundance of case studies from literature, film and television and videogames including Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Fallout: New Vegas, the Mass Effect franchise and Assassin’s Creed show how classical antiquity is reused, encountered, re-encountered by creators and consumers of the present – how we bounce off it, and it bounces off us, and how this reciprocation creates new visions of Greece and of Rome.

Author Information

Ross Clare is an independent scholar and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool. He specializes in the study of antiquity in popular culture, particularly video games, film and television, and science fiction and fantasy. He is the author of Ancient Greece and Rome in Videogames: Representation, Play, Transmedia (Bloomsbury 2021).