Art and the Sea

BookArt and the Sea

Art and the Sea

Studies in Port and Maritime History, 3


May 1st, 2022





'An original and significant volume of fresh research and new interpretations in a multi-disciplinary field of study, this important text promotes the dynamic interaction of maritime and artistic approaches to the past, providing new methodologies, insights and options for the future.' Professor Andrew Lambert, King's College London

This edited collection re-examines the relationship between art and the sea, reflecting growing interest in the intersections between art and maritime history. Artists have always been fascinated by and drawn to the sea and this book considers some of the themes and approaches in art that have evolved as a result of this captivation. The chapters consider how an examination of art can provide new insights into existing knowledge of port and maritime history, and are representative of a ‘cultural turn’ in port and maritime studies, which is becoming increasingly visible.
In Art and the Sea, multiple perspectives are offered as a result of the contributors’ individual positions and methodologies: some museological, others art historical or maritime-historical. Each chapter proposes a new way of building upon available interpretations of port and maritime history: whether this be to reject, support or reconsider existing knowledge.
The book as a whole is a timely addition, therefore, to the developing body of revisionist texts in port and maritime history. The interdisciplinary nature of the volume relates to a current trend for interdisciplinarity in art history and will appeal to those with an interest in art history, geography, sociology, history and transport / maritime studies.

Author Information

Emma Roberts is Associate Dean (Global Engagement) at Liverpool John Moores University.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: Emma Roberts
Chapter 1: Paintings of Ports and Ships at Canton of the Qing Dynasty China during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Junfu Wong
Chapter 2: The Art of Cable-Laying. Morgan Daniels
Chapter 3: Victorian Identity and the Sea: Imagining the Nation Within Banal Maritime Art. David Williams
Chapter 4: “And so the idea of the Collection was born”. The Macpherson Collection of Maritime Prints from its Inception to the First Display at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Silvia Massa
Chapter 5: Lie Back and Drink of England: National Identity, Nostalgia, and Sea Travel in Edward Bawden’s The English Pub. Samuel Love
Chapter 6: The Paintings of Walter Hemming at the German Maritime Museum: Contextualizing Conformity with the National Socialist Regime. Gisela Parak
Chapter 7: Designing the Ocean Liners of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. James J. Fortuna
Chapter 8: Illuminating the History of the HMS Conway Training Ship Through Stained Glass Windows. Wayne Turnbull
Epilogue: Emma Roberts