La discreta enamorada / The Cleverest Girl in Madrid

BookLa discreta enamorada / The Cleverest Girl in Madrid

La discreta enamorada / The Cleverest Girl in Madrid

Lope de Vega

Aris & Phillips Hispanic Classics


January 13th, 2022



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This book is a Spanish/English edition of Lope de Vega’s La discreta enamorada. The core of the book consists of two texts: a critical edition of Lope’s play in Spanish and Donald R. Larson’s English translation/adaptation of that work. Common to the two texts are explanatory notes focusing on historical, cultural, and literary references. The Spanish text is further clarified by elucidations of difficult words or passages. The texts are preceded by a substantial introduction (discussing conventions of comedy, the comedia de capa y espada and its variation known as the comedia urbana, the political, social, and economic contexts of early 17th-century Madrid) and are followed by a critical apparatus that lists important variants that may be found in previous editions of Lope’s play.

Author Information

Donald R. Larson is Professor emeritus at Ohio State University. Susan Paun de García is Professor emerita at Denison University.

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La discreta enamorada / The Cleverest Girl in Madrid
Explanatory Notes
Textual Variants
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