Anglo-Jewish Burial Grounds

BookAnglo-Jewish Burial Grounds

Anglo-Jewish Burial Grounds

The Post-Resettlement Period

Historic England Guidance


December 1st, 2021





Burial places were of prime importance for Jewish communities throughout history, even more essential than synagogue buildings. For this reason, they often provide the earliest evidence for the presence of a Jewish population. Jewish burial grounds existed in medieval England, but these were lost following the expulsion of Jews by Edward I in 1290. From then until the 1650s no Jewish communities were tolerated officially. However, after a gap over 250 years Jews began to return and establish the burial grounds that we see today. This document provides a concise introduction to post-resettlement Anglo-Jewish burial grounds. It traces their history and outlines how they have evolved from the 1650s up until the present day. Their main features are described and explained in the context of the beliefs that underpin them.