Voltaire's literary career from 1728 to 1750

BookVoltaire's literary career from 1728 to 1750

Voltaire's literary career from 1728 to 1750

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 14


January 1st, 1961


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Chapter I. 'The Literary inquisition': censorship evaded; conflicts with authority (1728-1735); conflicts with authority (1735-1750)22
Chapter II. Printers and readers: printers in France (1728-1734); printers in France (1735-1750); foreign printers (1728-1750); Voltaire and his readers54
Chapter III. The Theatre: censorship and strife; theatres and dramatic art; the audience at the Comédie française86
Chapter IV. The Comédiens français: their status; at work;the actresses; the actors117
Chapter V. The Writers (1): their status; Voltaire's protégés; mutual relations; the poets146
Chapter VI. The Writers (II): the dramatists; the 'philosophes'; scholars and scientists171
Chapter VII. 'La Pauvre Académie française': Voltaire's criticism of the Academy; Voltaire's candidature: hopes and disappointments (1731-1742); flexibility (1743-1746); immortal (1746-1750)207
Chapter VIII. Other Learned Societies: town; country; abroad232
Chapter IX. The Court, 1728-1743: return and disfavour (1728-1733); instability (1733-1740); the path to favour (1740-1743)256
Chapter X. The Court, 1743- 1750: high hopes (17431745);'Je suis donc enfin heureux' (Zadig) (1745-1746); withdrawal (1747-1749); departure (1749-1750)281
List of Sources Mentioned in the Text332