Miscellany / Mélanges

BookMiscellany / Mélanges

Miscellany / Mélanges

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 189


January 1st, 1980



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Table of Contents
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A propos de Voltaire, de Leibniz et de la Théodicée8
Voltaire and Lucretius20
Voltaire et les italiques46
Voltaire and the Balkans: aspects of the Enlightenment in 18th-century Croatia and Serbia82
Voltaire's operas120
Montesquieu's science of politics: absolute values and ethical relativism in L'Esprit des lois154
Diderot and the rue Taranne180
Textual autogenesis in Marivaux's Paysan parvenu192
Trois lettres inédites de Buffon206
Quelques documents inédits sur l'abbé Delille212
The spurious attribution of the Voyage à Paphos and an appreciation of Montesquieu's Temple de Gnide230
André Morellet and the idea of progress240
Laclos and 'Le sexe': the rack of ambivalence248
The feminism of Condorcet and Sophie de Grouchy298
Eighteenth-century attitudes to prostitution364
Etudes sur Ie XVIlIe siècle402