Livy: Book XXXVI

BookLivy: Book XXXVI

Livy: Book XXXVI

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January 1st, 1990



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Livy is a popular author in schools and universities in all areas of the English speaking world. The more popular books studied are those which recount the early history of Rome and the more noteworthy events of the Second Punic War; but there is a good case for examining the Romans' attitudes in the early years of their involvement in Greece and Asia, for these are crucial for an understanding of the development of Roman imperialism. The period covered by these five books, from the war against Antiochus the Great to the death of Philip V of Macedon, is of increasing interest to students of Hellenistic Greece and Roman imperialism, and should therefore increasingly interest university departments and Examination Boards seeking to break away from the conventional choices of the first and third decades. This is the only modern edition in English of these books.XXXVI (191 BC) includes the declaration and early course of the war against Antiochus of Syria. Students of this book will encounter T. Quinctius Flamininus, the greatest and most charismatic Roman figure in the decades following the Second Punic War. Latin text with facing translation, notes and commentary.

Author Information

†P.G. Walsh was Senior Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Humanity at the University of Glasgow, and a Latin scholar of international renown. His publications include Livy: His Historical Aims and Methods (1961) and The Roman Novel (1970); editions of Augustine, De bono coniugali and De sancta uirginitate (Oxford); and translations of Paulinus of Nola (Letters, Poems) and of Cassiodorus, Explanation of the Psalms (Ancient Christian Writers). He edited the first sixteen books of Augustine’s De Civitate Dei, as well as Books XXXVI-XL of Livy’s History for the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series.

Table of Contents

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I: Greece
II: Asia Minor
III: Thermopylae
A. The historical background
B. Livy as a historian
C. Livy as literary artist
D. The Text
Parallel Latin Text and English Translation
Apparatus Criticus