The Reign of Ramesses IV

BookThe Reign of Ramesses IV

The Reign of Ramesses IV

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May 1st, 2015





Peden draws on a range of sources, including inscriptions, monuments and ostraca, to present 'a compact and comprehensive history of the reign of Ramesses IV, who ruled Egypt at a point of transition between the last days of the her greatness under Ramesses III and her political and economic decline under Ramesses IV's successors'. Includes translations of selected texts.

Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
Chapter One: The Personal Background and Family of Ramesses IV
Section A: The Origins of Ramesses IV
Section B: Ramesses IV as Crown Prince
Section C: The Last Years of Ramesses III
Chapter Two: The Date of Accession and Age at Death of Ramesses IV
Chapter Three: Egypt's Foreign Relations
Section A: The Extent of Egyptian Influence in the Levant under Ramesses IV
Section B: Libyan Infiltration into Egypt
Section C: Egypt's Relations with Nubia under Ramesses IV
Chapter Four: The Exploitation of Resources beyond the Nile Valley
Section A: The Quarrying Expeditions to the Wadi Hammamat
Section B: Serabit el-Khadim under Ramesses IV
Section C: Copper Mining at Timna
Chapter Five: Ramesses IV in the Service of the Gods
Section A: Compendium of Ramesses IV's Building Activities at Egyptian and Nubian Temple Sites
 1. North-East Egypt
 Serabit el-Khadim
 2. The Delta
 3. Middle Egypt
 The Faiyum
 Locale around Minya
 4. Upper Egypt
 Eastern Thebes
 Karnak, Main Temple of Amun
 The South Approach
 Royal Statuary from Karnak
 Temple of Mut
 Temple of Khonsu
 Temple of Montu
 Temple of Maat
 Karnak, Temple of Ramesses III in the Forecourt of Amun
 Temple of Luxor
 Western Thebes
 The Royal Memorial Temple Sites at Assasif and Medinet Habu
 Temple of Qurneh
 The Ramesseum
 Kom el-Hetan (Medinet Habu North)
 Temple of Medinet Habu
 Deir el-Medina
 5. Nubia
 Amarah West
Section B: Part One. The Royal Tomb, KV no. 2
Section B: Part Two. The Surviving Burial Equipment of Ramesses IV
Section C: Part One. The Royal Memorial Temples
Section C: Part Two. The Royal Cult
Appendix A: The Use of Bandeau Texts and Ramesses IV
Appendix B: A Royal Encomium (by Ramesses IV?)
Chapter Six: The Internal Administration
Section A: The Senior Civil and Military Administrators
 1. The Vizier
 2. The Overseers of the Treasury
 (i) Ramesses-Usihirkhopesh (Chief Treasurer of the North and South)
 (ii) Montuemtowy
 (iii) Khaemtir
 3. The Royal Butlers
 (i) Amenkhau
 (ii) Atumnakht
 (iii) Usimare-sekheper
 (iv) Prenakht
 (v) Nakhtamun
 (vi) (Ramesses)-Sethirwonmef
 (vii) Hori
 (viii) Heqmare-neheh
 (ix) Sobekhotep
 4. The General of the Army
 5. The Viceroy of Nubia
 6. The Mayor of Thebes
Section B: Officebearers of the Major Priesthoods
 (i) Siese, High-Priest of Onuris at Thinis
 (ii) Thutmose, High-Priest (?) of Osiris at Abydos
 (iii) Ramessesnakht (I), High-Priest of Amen-Re
 (iv) Amenemope, Third Prophet of Amun and High-Priest of Mut
 (v) Turo (Heqmarenakht), High-Priest of Montu at Thebes
 (vi) Setau, High-Priest of Nekhbet at El-Kab
 (vii) Pendjerty, High-Priest of the Triad at Elephantine (of Khnum, Satis, and Anuket)
Section C: The Administrative Documents
 (i) P. Turin 1887: The Turin Indictment Papyrus
 (ii) P. Mallet (P. Louvre 1050)
Section D: Official Contact between the Community of Deir el-Medina and the Administrative Authorities
Section E: The Death of Ramesses IV and the Accession of Ramesses V
Chapter Seven: Conclusions
Chapter Eight: Translations of Selected Texts from the Time of Ramesses IV