Xenophon: Apology and Memorabilia I

BookXenophon: Apology and Memorabilia I

Xenophon: Apology and Memorabilia I

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July 26th, 2008



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Xenophon's philosophical works have long lived under the shadow of those of his brilliant and contemporary fellow student of Socrates, Plato. They both wrote an Apology and a Symposium , and though few would deny that Plato was the more profound and original philosopher, Xenophon's contribution has been unjustly ignored. His writings are of wider scope than Plato's, and encompass history and technical treatises as well as philosophy. They are particularly distinguished by their simplicity of style and approachability. The two works included here both concern the last days of Socrates and are a vivid portrait of the life and thought of the great man.

The target audience includes classicists and non-classicists with an interest in literature and philosophy.'


Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
Introduction: 1. Xenophon's works; 2. Xenophon's life; 3. Socratica; 4. Xenophon's qualities as a writer
Introduction to Apologia Socratis
Apologia Socratis (Socrates' Defence
Introduction to Memorabilia Socratis
Memorabilia Socratis Book I
Xenophon's Socrates: Greek Text with facing-page Translation
Supplementary Notes on the text