British Tramp Shipping, 1750-1914

BookBritish Tramp Shipping, 1750-1914

British Tramp Shipping, 1750-1914

Research in Maritime History, 24


January 1st, 2003



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This study explores the history of tramp-shipping in the United Kingdom, between 1750 and 1914. It defines ‘tramp’ as steamships exclusively hulled with iron or steel. The purpose of the journal is to keep the history of tramp-shipping from fading into obscurity, as the author believes the tramp steamer does not invoke sentimentality nor provide enough glamour to sustain the same level of maritime interest enjoyed by sailing ships or ocean liners. The study is split into four major sections, the first concerning tramp-shipping, ownership, and capital formation; the second concerning trade, specifically copper ore and African guano; the third studies tramp seamen - particularly sea masters; and the final and largest section considers individual tramp-shipping regions, further subdivided by region - Wales, the Northwest, the West Country, the Northeast, the Southeast, and Canada. The volume is punctuated with statistics, tables, charts, glossaries, and concludes with a bibliography of author Robin Craig’s further maritime writing.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents7
Tramp Shipping and Ownership23
"Aspects of Tramp Shipping and Ownership"23
"Capital Formation in Shipping"49
The Trades67
"The Copper Ore Trade"67
"The African Guano Trade"93
The Seamen129
"Printed Guides for Master Mariners as a Source of Productivity Change in Shipping, 1750-1914"129
Tramp-Shipping Regions145
A. Wales145
"Industrial Glamorgan: The Ports and Shipping, c. 1750-1914"145
"Trade and Shipping in South Wales - The Radcliffe Company, 1882- 1921"195
"The 1860s at Llanelli - A Dynamic Decade for Trade and Shipping"219
"Carmarthenshire Shipping in the Eighteen Forties"237
"Hetty Ellen of Aberystwyth and Doctor Livingstone"253
B. The Northwest269
"Some Aspects of the Trade and Shipping of the River Dee in the Eighteenth Century"269
"Shipping and Shipbuilding in the Port of Chester in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries"301
C. The West Country335
"Sources for a History of Devon Merchant Shipping, 1750-1920"335
D. The Northeast353
"William Gray and Company: A West Hartlepool Shipbuilding Enterprise, 1864-1913"353
E. The Southeast385
"The Deep-Sea Shipping of Thanet in Mid-Eighteenth Century"385
F. The British Empire: Maritime Canada393
"British Shipping and British North American Shipbuilding in the Early Nineteenth Century, with Special Reference to Prince Edward Island"393