Virginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader

BookVirginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader

Virginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader

Clemson University Press: Woolf Selected Papers


June 1st, 2014



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Virginia Woolf and the Common(wealth) Reader presents twenty-eight essays and four poetic invocations delivered at the 23rd Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, hosted by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. The theme of the conference, the concept of "common(wealth)," addresses geographical, political, and imaginary spaces in which different readers and readings vie for primacy of place. The essays in this collection, including keynote addresses by Rosemary Ashton, Paul Delany, Christine Froula, Mary Ann Gillies, Sonita Sarker, and Jane Stafford, reflect upon "common(wealth)" as a constructed entity, one that necessarily embodies tensions between the communal and individual, traditional culture and emergent forms, indigenous people and colonial powers, and literary insiders and outsiders.

List of contributors: Jordan Abel, Rosemary Ashton, Claire Battershill, Wayne Chapman, Lisa L. Coleman, Kristin Czarnecki, Beth Rigel Daugherty, Jane de Gay, Paul Delany, Erica Delsandro, Jeanne Dubino, Elizabeth F. Evans, Christine Froula, Diane F. Gillespie, Mary Ann Gillies, Leslie Kathleen Hankins, Elsa Högberg, Catherine W. Hollis, Fiona Tinwei Lam, Karen L. Levenback, Paula Maggio, Patrizia A. Muscogiuri, Ira Nadel, Vara Neverow, Cecily Nicholson, Lolly Ockerstrom, Renée Sarojini Saklikar, Sonita Sarker, Kathryn Simpson, Melinda Smith, Helen Southworth, Jane Stafford, Alice Staveley, Elizabeth Willson Gordon, Nicola Wilson, Martin Winquist, and Helen Wussow.

Author Information

Helen Wussow is the Dean of Lifelong Learning and Associate Professor of English at Simon Fraser University. Professor Mary Ann Gillies teaches in late nineteenth and early twentieth century British literature and Anglo-American modernism at Simon Fraser University.