“Something that I read in a book”: W. B. Yeats’s Annotations at the National Library of Ireland

Book“Something that I read in a book”: W. B. Yeats’s Annotations at the National Library of Ireland

“Something that I read in a book”: W. B. Yeats’s Annotations at the National Library of Ireland

vol. 1: Reading Notes

Clemson University Press


February 12th, 2022



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This book is a resource to enable scholars and students in Yeats studies to explore the materials in his library, which, together with his unpublished papers and manuscripts, forms part of the writer’s archive in the National Library. Generally, this first volume describes the evidence that he and his wife, George, left in books by other authors, including extensive indications of close reading and thinking on a surprising range of subjects.
This book could not have been written without the generous participation of the Yeats family over many years. Their legacy, now entrusted to the National Library, is robust and endless in potential. This book is about individual cases but also the building of an oeuvre.

In short, this book enriches our understanding of Yeats’s accomplishment as a writer in over fifty years of creative effort and nearly seventy-four years of abundant life.


Author Information

Wayne K. Chapman is Emeritus Professor in Modern British, Anglo-Irish, & American Literature at Clemson University.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Principles of Description13
List of Abbreviations15
List of Supplemental Works Cited17
Astrological Symbols and Glyphs17
Epigraph (on reading, from Reveries over Childhood and Youth)68
Abercrombie, Lascelles…to Auden, W. H.69
Baedeker, Karl…to Byron, George Gordon, Lord78
C[otton]., S[ophia]. A[nne].…to Curtin, Jeremiah169
Däath, Henrich…to Dutt, Romesh Chunder214
Eglinton, John…to Exposition of the Malta Question233
Fairfax, Edward…to Fuller, Capt. J. F. C.240
The Gael…to Gwynn, Stephen250
Halévy, Daniel…to Hugo, Victor262
Ibsen, Henrik…to Irish Pleasantry and Fun302
Johnson, Lionel…to Jung, Carl Gustav303
Kant, Immanuel…to Kirk, Robert308
Landor, Walter Savage…to Lucretius, Carus312
The Mabinogion…to Muirhead, John Henry335
The National Observer…to O’Sullivan, Seumas368
O’Brien, R. Barry…to O’Sullivan, Seumas374
Page, H. A.…to Ptolemy377
Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli…to Russell, George390
Samhain…to Synge, John Millington403
Tagore, Rabindranath…to Tyrell, G. N. M.470
Ukiyo-e taikashuset…to Unamuno, Miguel de484
Vasiliev, A. V.…to Voltaire484
Waite, Herbert T.…to Wynne, Frances484
The Yale Review…to [Yeats, Susan Mary]519
Zadkiel’s Astronomical Ephemeris519
A Closing Note for Volume I520