Journey Westward

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Journey Westward

Joyce, Dubliners and the Literary Revival


April 3rd, 2014



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This book suggests that James Joyce, like Yeats and his fellow Revivalists, was attracted to the west of Ireland as a place of authenticity and freedom. It shows how his acute historical sensibility is reflected in Dubliners, posing new questions about one of the most enduring collections of short stories ever written. The answers provided are a fusion of history and literary criticism, using close readings that balance techniques of realism and symbolism. The result is an original study that shines new light on Dubliners and Joyce’s later masterpieces.

'This is a sparklingly written and unflaggingly enjoyable book, founded on a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of Joyce and his times.'
Bernard O'Donoghue

'Who would think that a new study of James Joyce's first book could break fresh ground? Frank Shovlin has done it. His riveting book on 'Dubliners' shows that Joyce began at his best. After the power and beauty of his short stories, Joyce had nowhere to go except into complexity and length.'
Brenda Maddox, Times Literary Supplement

Times Literary Supplement

This elegantly written and illuminating study of Joyce’s Dubliners is a powerful argument for the view that the deepest understanding of Joyce’s work is to be found in the dense network of its allusions to the cultural and historical contexts of Ireland at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Irish Studies Review

Journey Westward is a welcome addition to recent historicist work that focuses on contextualizing Dubliners’ position in the Irish Literary Revival. Journey Westward is certainly a useful resource for those seeking to place Joyce’s early work within the context of Revival and also for those interested in Irish literary antecedents of the collection.

James Joyce Literary Supplement, Spring

'Shovlin’s book functions as an act of cultural memory in its retrieval of social and historical narratives attached to phrases, names, places, and songs that Joyce deploys. Journey Westward thus is part of a growing area in Joyce studies with cultural memorial concerns.'
Oona Frawley, James Joyce Quarterly

Author Information

Frank Shovlin is Professor of Irish Literature in English at the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool. He is the editor of The Letters of John McGahern (2021) and is working on McGahern's authorized biography.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Introduction: ‘The journey westward’12
Chapter 123
Chapter 273
Chapter 3133
Conclusion: Protestant Power and Plates of Peas170
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