Christians and Moors in Spain. Vol 3: Arab sources

BookChristians and Moors in Spain. Vol 3: Arab sources

Christians and Moors in Spain. Vol 3: Arab sources

Aris & Phillips Hispanic Classics


January 26th, 2018

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The last two volumes in this series have looked at the confrontation between Christian and Moor in Medieval Spain exclusively from the Christian side.This book attempts to redress the balance by looking at many of the same incidents from the Moslem point of view. Apart from military encounters, some attention is paid to diplomacy, and also to lawsuits, legal judgements and regulations governing the co-existance of the rival communities. The 112 texts, many available in English for the first time, are also given in Arabic.

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Table of Contents
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Map of Spain8
73. The Muslim conquest of Spain (92/711)21
74. A treaty with the ruler of Murcia (94/713)29
75. The murder of 'Abd al-'Aziz (97/716)33
76. Christian resistance begins (c. 117/735 and 136n53)37
77. The price of peace (92/759)41
78. Campaigns against the Christians (193-94/809-10)43
79. Muslims celebrate Christian festivals (mid 9th century)47
80. A Muslim renegade (286/899 and 316/928)51
81. The Christians in Cordova (early 10th century)57
82. The reverse at Simancas - Alhandega and the return of al-Nasir's Qur'an (327-30/939-41)63
83. A description of Christian Spain (10th century)71
84. The dying regrets of Ibn Abi 'Amir aI-Mansur (392/1002)75
85. Castilian involvement in the fall of Cordova (400/1009)79
86. Ferdinand captures Coimbra (456/1064)85
87. The Crusade against Barbastro (456/1064)89
88. Forbidden love (about 1075)93
89. Getting away with murder (about 1075)97
90. The status of property plundered from the Galera region (late 11th century)99
91. Alfonso VI before the fall of Toledo (478/1085)105
92. The writing on the wall (478/1085)109
93. The Battle of Zallaqa (479/1086)111
94. The Cid captures Valencia (487/1094)119
95. The recovery of Valencia (495/1102)125
96. Rules for the Christians (early 12th century)129
97. Pisan raids on the Balearics (508/1114)135
98. Innovations in al-Andalus (early 12th century)139
99. The illegal trade in plundered property (about 518/1124)143
100. Christian treachery in Andalusia (519/1125)147
101. The battle of Alarcos (591/1195)153
102. The Muslim disaster at Las Navas de Tolosa (609/1212)157
103. Tit for tat (614/1217)161
104. A lament for the loss of Seville (646/1248)163
105. The Muslims revolt in southern Spain (662/1264)169
106. Black and white (684/1285)179
107. A diplomatic request (724/1324)185
108. The defeat at Tarifa (741/1340)187
109. The fall of Gibraltar and its aftermath (869/1469)191
110. The capture of Alhama (887/1482)195
111. A lament on the fall of Granada (897/1492)201
112. The final agonies (1492-1501)205