New Directions in Norwegian Maritime History

BookNew Directions in Norwegian Maritime History

New Directions in Norwegian Maritime History

Research in Maritime History, 46


October 18th, 2017

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This book is a wide-reaching study of Norwegian maritime history and developments within the discipline. It brings together the research efforts of a University of Oslo project aiming to further understand Norwegian shipping history between 1814 and 2014, and the work of a new generation of maritime historians. Structured into three sections - global integration, political issues, and success and failure - the volume covers a broad range of maritime topics that have influenced both Norwegian economic development and Norwegian cultural identity. Through analysis it discovers that in the last few decades Norwegian shipping has been plagued by multiple troubles, whilst simultaneously becoming less crucial to the Norwegian economy in favour of offshore petroleum production. However, it reiterates the historical importance of shipping to the economic development of Norway, and asserts that historians have begun to treat it as the centre from which other industries grew.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
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About the Editors11
Contributors' Notes13
Global Integration23
"A Great Hundred Years of Timber Freights, 1757-1876"23
"When Distance Matters: The Output of the Norwegian Merchant Fleet, 1830-1865"53
"The Silver Schooner"73
Political Issues99
"In a Peculiar Position: Merchant Seamen in Norwegian Health Policy, 1890-1940"99
"The Norwegian-American Line: State Incentives and Mediations with Dominant Market Players"117
"After the Boom: The Political Economy of Shipping in Norway in the Interwar Period"141
"International Maritime Trade Politics and the Case of Norway, 1948-1990"167
Success and Failure193
"Inheriting Strategies: Understanding Different Approaches to Shipping during the World War I Boom in Haugesund, Norway"193
"Why Did They Fail? Business Exits among Norwegian Shipping Companies since 1970"215
"Little Man, What Now? Company Deaths in Norwegian Shipping, 1960-1980"249
"The Growth of the Deep-Sea Car-Carrying Industry, 1960-2008"269