Conquerors and Chroniclers of Early Medieval Spain

BookConquerors and Chroniclers of Early Medieval Spain

Conquerors and Chroniclers of Early Medieval Spain

Translated Texts for Historians, 9


November 1st, 1999

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From the perspective of the Hispano-Romans, the Visigoths who invaded Spain in the mid-fifth century were heretical barbarians. But Leovigild’s military success and Reccared’s conversion to Catholic Christianity led to more positive assessments of the Gothic role in Iberian history. John of Biclaro (c.590) and Isidore of Seville (c.625) authored histories that projected the Gothic achievements back on to their uncertain beginnings, transforming them from antagonists of the Roman Empire to protagonists of a new, independent Chistianity in Spain.

... undoubtedly ... convenient for those who would teach and study early medieval Spanish history...
Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Author Information

Kenneth Baxter Wolf is the John Sutton Miner Professor of History and Professor of Classics at Pomona College, USA. His many publications include Conquerors and Chroniclers of Early Medieval Spain in the Translated Texts for Historians series (revised edition 1999), The Deeds of Count Roger of Calabria and Sicily and of His Brother Duke Robert Guiscard, by Geoffrey Malaterra (2005) and The Life and Afterlife of St. Elizabeth of Hungary: Testimony from Her Canonization Hearings (2011).

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