Transactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment/Actes du Huitième congrès international des Lumières

BookTransactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment/Actes du Huitième congrès international des Lumières

Transactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment/Actes du Huitième congrès international des Lumières

[Volume I]

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 303


December 31st, 1992

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Contents / Table des matières8
Plenary séssions / Seances plénières40
Reviving the Republic of Letters42
Les generations litteraires devant la Revolution francaise (1789-1792)56
Enlightenment canon wars: Anglo-French views of literary greatness70
Cannibal discourse, the Grand Tour, and literary history74
L'art sacre dans l'Encyclopedic110
Les philosophes en montgolfiere138
Thomas Beddoes and the Bristol Enlightenment152
Papers by section Communications par section166
I. Urban development and the countryside Le deteloppement urbain et la campagne168
The Enlightenment reconstruction in Calabria after the seism of 1783170
Eighteenth-century Bath perceived173
The survival of Rome in a modern town: the Graeco-Roman background of Bath in J. Wood's projects176
Epsom as emblem: John Toland's Description of Epsom (1711)179
Singing made simple in eighteenth-century London181
Dryden and the 'Metropolis of Great Britain'184
Four types of political resonance in the 'improvement' of English landscaping187
Hierarchies of kind and the gardening of Alexander Pope188
The urban paradox: two ideas of the city in the Encyclopedie192
Bringing the Jardin d I'anglaise back to life: Ie parc de Jeurre and Ie desert de Retz195
Wishful thinking: Enlightenment ideals in the places royales of Louis XV199
'Les chiens contre les renards et les loups': L.-S. Mercier and the police of Paris202
The public bath in eighteenth-century Paris: the Seine as river of gold206
Guillaume Daignan et sa politique de sante publique devant I'Assemblee nationale207
Developpement urbain portugais au dix-huitieme siecle211
Towns, self-government and absolutism: the breakdown of urban autonomy and the impact of government authority in eighteenth-century continental Europe215
Ambiguous monarchs: authority and function of the Masters of Ceremonies219
A local perspective on national reform: the Academicians of Chalons and their Societe litteraire, 1750-1790222
Sur la composition et la situation sociale des couches sociales de la population agraire refletees dans les articles de I'Encyclopedie226
2A. Enlightenment and opposition Les Lumieres et leurs adversaires230
Les mots-cles de I'anti-philosophie232
Treooux and 'the Learned Genevan'235
'Soyons de notre esprit les seuls legislateurs'235
Le Catechisms philosophique de Francois-Xavier de Feller (1735-1802)239
St Petersburg nightmares? Joseph de Maistre's Soirees de Saint-Petersbourg243
Le scepticisme allemand, 1700-1740: une antiphilosophie?246
Jacques Andre Porte, huguenot de la deuxieme generation, adversaire farouche des Lumieres francaises et allemandes250
Reason and belief: the Bayle-Jacquelot debate254
Religion et intolerance: l'Analyse raisonnee de Bayle de l'abbe de Marsy256
Liberalisme contre democratic? L'ideal de la democratic representative al'anglaise et de la democratie directe en France entre 1730 et 1830260
Les philosophes des Lumieres au tribunal de l'abbe Barruel261
Les causes de la Revolution francaise vues par les contemporains265
Michel-Ange Marin et les Pensees philosophiques269
Sacre positif et sacre negatif dans La Religieuse de Diderot272
Diderot and Slavophilism274
The consistency of J.-J. Rousseau's social philosophy278
J.-J. Rousseau and Genevan Calvinism281
Rousseau, du contrat al'histoire284
Rousseau et ses concurrents289
Language, abstract thought and political power in Vico, Mandeville and Rousseau295
The indifference of nature, or, the nonhumanistic meaning of history: Mandeville, Hume, Diderot298
Diderot, le grand inquisiteur, les deux procureurs generaux et les trois codes301
Condorcet et Montesquieu: conflit ideologique entre deux theoriciens rationalistes303
Condorect and Constant: public opinion in the age of the French Revolution304
State and education in Helvetius, Rousseau and Condorcet -a comparison308
Eugenisme et euthanasie chez Cabanis311
Contrasting voices: male and female discourse on the education of women in eighteenth-century France315
Le portrait de la nation espagnole dans les oeuvres de fiction francaises de 1750 a1789318
Le Journal general de l'Europe: the pre-Revolutionary press and Enlightenment ideas328
Le Journal du licee de Londres: the pre-Revolutionary press focuses on reform330
Pour une histoire du concept de despotisme au dix-huitieme siecle francais: Ie manuscrit inedit de l'abbe Morellet: 'Sur Ie despotisme legal et contre M. de La Riviere'331
Les idees politiques de d'Holbach et la Declaration des droits de 1789336
Bonnet's mind-body continuum in the economy of our being340
Social criticism in the novels of the abbe Prevost343
Candide's garden revisited, again: the postmodern view of the Enlightenment346
Le jardin naturel et la franc-maconnerie349
Un philosophe oublie: La Salle352
Can we hear the voices of peasants? France, 1788356
La fin des nations juives et les debuts de la communaute juive359
Les journalistes de Trevoux lecteurs de l'Encyclopedic363
Bakhtin, Pigault-Lebrun, and the ideologies of two carnivals365
From Vico to Ballanche-via the abbe Du Bignon 330 OSCAR A. HAAC, Lamennais, the Enlightenment and 'indifference'369
The classical sources of Rousseau's Lettre a d'Alembert: the subversion of reason in the State376
La diffusion ecrite des idees non conformistes en France al'epoque de I'Encyclopedie, 1750-1770378
Enlightenment as epoch and project: a dialectical approach379
La comtesse de Flahaut et son cercle: un exemple du salon politique sous la Revolution383
Secularisation of mentality and social utopianism in the eighteenth century387
The Parti patriote, or some ambiguities of a discourse in politics390
Concepts of 'vertu' in France, 1770-1789393
La constitution de I'economie politique physiocratique: les 'economistes' contre les 'colbertistes'396
2B. Enlightenment and opposition Les Lumieres et leurs adversaires400
The dynamics of landlords' influence in English county elections, 1681-1734: the evidence from Cheshire402
Clientage, independence, and radicalism in eighteenth-century city politics, c.1730-1790406
The Decline of party voting in Augustan England408
The political anthropology of John Adams: Enlightenment influence on early American political thought411
Hume on sympathy and the indirect passions416
L'image de I'Amerique dans les Lettres edifiantes et curieuses420
The savage and the civilised: observations on a dispute between an enlightened writer and an illuminist421
John Witherspoon: the question of audience424
From damnation to dollars: the motivations of malefactors in two eighteenth-century American criminal narratives427
Liberty or luxury: Catherine Macaulay Graham and the socio-economic foundation of the state430
Catherine Macaulay's History of England: antidote to Hume's History?432
Adam Smith's theory of rhetoric and the method of Hume's Dialogues concerning natural religion435
Tory history incognito: Hume's History of England in Goldsmith's History of England437
Hume and d'Alembert441
Anti-Utopian realism in David Hume443
Burke et la Russie: les annees 90 du XVIIIe siecle447
Civil conversation in Locke's Essay450
John Locke, the Collegium (Medicum) Privatum Amstelodamense and the Rotterdam Lantern Society452
Bacon, Descartes, and Vico set the stage for the Enlightenment456
John Locke and Pierre Bayle on religious toleration: an enquiry457
The sin of wit: ridicule as subversion in the early eighteenth century460
Thomas Woolston and madness in A tale of a tub464
Lord Bolingbroke in The Craftsman: the technique of the historical mirror468
Enlightened philosophy: a foundation for educational reforms in Spanish-American Santa Fe and Quito471
Orientalism, kinship, and will in Restoration drama474
Bunyan, non-conformism, and the limits of allegory478
John Wesley and the French Catholic tradition480
'A great mother in Israel': Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon: the delineation of an eighteenth-century enthusiast483
Literally orthodox: Dr Johnson's Anglicanism488
Laurence Sterne's religion492
'Science' and 'knowledge' in eighteenth century Britain494
The English Evangelicals and the Enlightenment: the case of Hannah More497
Ferguson, Condorcet, and Enlightenment narratives of progress501
The progressive English Enlightenment502
Enlightenment history in Scotland: the case of William Robertson506
Voltaire's advertisement for the Henriade: a calculation for the French meridian510
Preparing the Revolution from abroad: the publications of French emigre writers in London515
Mysticisme et antimecanisme dans le Siris de Berkeley et les Reves d'un visionnaire de Kant518
2C. Enlightenment and opposition Les Lumieres et leurs adversaires522
Siecle de I'ignorance - siecle des Lumieres? Frederic II et l'Encyclopedic524
Justus Moser: supporter and opponent of the Enlightenment528
Enlightenment politics, public opinion and the periodical press: Berlin 176S-179S532
Prejudices and their rehabilitation in eighteenth century Germany535
The formula ofnature of Kant's categorical imperative539
Kant and the end of the Enlightenment in Prussia541
Materialism and idealism: La Mettrie's Discours sur le bonheur and J. H. S. Formey's Systeme du vrai bonheur543
Formey critique des philosophes francais: observations sur les rapports entre wolffianisme et Lumieres francaises546
La Palatine: etait-elle deloyale ala couronne de France?550
Enlightenment, Aufkldrung and conservatism: reflections on the reception of the British Enlightenment and early British conservatism in central Europe553
Censorship and academic freedom in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Tuscany558
Enlightenment intellectuals and popular mentality after the 1783 Calabrian earthquake562
The Lantern of Rotterdam566
Dutch sermons pro and contra the Enlightenment569
Cartesianisme et theologie reformee au dixhuitieme siecle: Ie cas de l'Academic de Geneve572
Le mythe du bon sauvage en Afrique australe, d'apres I'ceuvre de Francois Le Vaillant, Voyage a l'interieur de I'Afrique par Ie Cap de Bonne Esperance574
The commemoration of the French Revolution in Hungary577
Hongrie-Gottingen-Angleterre: etapes d'une tentative de modernisation au dix-huitieme siecle582
The development of Protestant opposition in Hungary to the school reforms of Maria Theresa and Joseph II591
Protestantism and the Hungarian Enlightenment's school culture594
L'image de la Hongrie dans la litterature anglaise du dix-huitieme siecle597
A case-study on enlightened despotism's administrative practice602
Les Lumieres dans la societe espagnole607
La question de I'inexistence d'un babouvisme espagnol610
Witchcraft in Portugal during the eighteenth century, analysed through the accusations of the Tribunal do Santo Oficio de Evora612
The originality of the ideological and humanistic values of Portuguese expansion compared with the later Age of the Enlightenment617
A shade of light in the LusoBrazilian world: the reforms of Rodrigo de Souza Coutinho and the creation of the Olinda seminary (1800)622
Johann Juncker (1679-1759) and pietistic medicine627
Androphilic Enlightenment: reading Kant's answer to the question629
Coordonnees de l'enseignement roumain de Transylvanie al'epoque des Lumieres632
La Suisse francaise: ideologie et religion au siecle des Lumieres635
Literary forgery and the ideology of detection636
How to read in the eighteenth century: the Bible and other books640
Les dessous erotico-politiques de l'ecriture chez les moralistes des Lumieres641
Lumieres et ideologic: continuite ou rupture?645
Prejudice-authority-tradition: Hans-Georg Gadamer and the Enlightenment649
La presence des Lumieres dans les sermons du Refuge huguenot654
The French sources of religious teaching in pre-Famine Gaelic Ireland659
L'influence des Lumieres dans le processus de transition a Tucuman: de la Revolution a l'Independance (1810-1814)664
The champions and opponents of the Icelandic Enlightenment668
3. Trade and manufacturing Commerce et industrie672
Negriers eclaires du Havre au dix-huitieme siecle674
Productivity in the slave trade: a comparative assessment678
In defence of property: the West India planters' and merchants' opposition to abolition of the slave trade, 1788-1804681
The abbe Gregoire and white slavery in Ireland684
Montesquieu and the fortunes of empire687
Montesquieu et John Law688
L'Illuminisme et les colonies europeennes: Ie Bresil692
Popular literature and the South Sea Bubble696
Activite commerciale et maritime dans les ports du royaume de Naples al'epoque des premiers Bourbons (1734-1759)698
The debate on the balance of trade of Milan and P. Verri's Meditazioni sulla economia politica704
India and America: intertwining fates, 1757-1782, with Burke in the middle705
Batavia, a Dutch pearl in the East Indies708
Packets, pigtails, and porcelain: the effect of merchant labours711
'Comme Robinson Crusoe sur son ile': l'espace culturel colonial et Ie role de la presse au dix-huitieme siecle716
Produktiv and unproduktiv - a mistake in translation? Adam Smith and German literature and literary theory after 1776721
La stagnation des economies montagnardes au dix-huitieme siecle: les vallees leonnaises de la 'Cordillera cantabrica'725
La fin du systeme des corporations d'arts et metiers730