Transactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment/Actes du Huitième congrès international des Lumières

BookTransactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment/Actes du Huitième congrès international des Lumières

Transactions of the Eighth International Congress on the Enlightenment/Actes du Huitième congrès international des Lumières

[Volume III]

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 305


December 31st, 1992

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Table of Contents
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8B Literature and the arts\ La littérature et les arts8
The Beginning of the Realistic novel in England and in Germany10
The function of mixed genres in Fielding's fiction: The case of Joseph Andrews13
Fielding and the Royal Society16
Against 'metaphysical rubbish': The real Beginning of Joseph Andrews19
The Revival of theatre outside London (c.1700-1788) with special Reference to the West Country23
Women Novelists in Histories of the Eighteenth-century English novel25
Aspects of Lord Kames's Elements of Criticism29
Falstaff and the Police: The art of Pleasure in the Eighteenth Century32
British readers of La Rochefoucauld's Maximes: the case of Lord Forbes of Pitsligo36
Jefferson, Democracy, and Commonsense Rhetoric39
'The Source of daily and Exalted Pleasure': Jefferson reads the Poems of Ossian42
The Gothic Caleb Williams44
Narrative Method in Caleb Williams: Contrasting Perceptions of evil46
From satyr to satire: John Oldham's Satyrs upon the Jesuits47
John Dryden and the failure of Political Categories49
Medievalism and The Hind and the Panther51
William Hogarth and the Gothic impulse54
The Development of Boswell's Technique of the 'epiphany' in the London Journal56
The uses of trivia among the Scriblerians: Gay's poem58
Feasts of Reason and Charity: The Iconography of Hospitality in Eighteenth-century English poetry and Fiction61
Wizard or bard: The Character of a poet in Thomson's The Castle of Indolence64
Blake, Wordsworth and the French Revolution68
Byron's Don Juan and the Awakening to Conscious intent70
Terminology, Evaluation and genre change: Eighteenth-century ways of labelling English prose Fiction73
Woman and Courtship in Eighteenth-century English Novels76
The Eighteenth-century Fascination with the Oriental Carpet80
William Beckford's Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters and the genre of the 'life of the artist' in the Eighteenth Century81
Social reform in comic opera: Colman's Inkle and Yarico84
Folklore Motifs and the plot of Comedy86
Seeing through Words: The Boydells, Shakespeare, and acting86
Christopher Smart's show, Mrs Midnight's Oratory90
Defoe's Interest in Painting and the Development of the novel91
L'ascension Sociale de la Courtisane au dix-huitieme siecle dans Les Egarements de Julie et Fanny Hill92
Ancients and Moderns: Background to Christopher Smart's Phaedrus96
Lesbian Narrative Space in the mid-century British novel99
Interplay of logos and pathos in Young's Night Thoughts and Nordenflycht's Mourning turtle-dove103
8C Literature and the arts\ La littérature et les arts108
Schiller: Between Enlightenment and Romanticism110
Irony and 'negative Philosophy' in Hamann111
Jean Paul Friedrich Richter: self-reflexivity and the Exploration of the limits of the novel115
Towards the Pleasure of Influence: Goethe, Bloom, Elias119
Truth and Persuasion in Baumgarten's Aesthetica121
The Transformation of German aesthetics in the Eighteenth Century seen from a Semiotic point of view124
1. Enlightenment Aesthetics and its Emphasis on Painting125
2. Classical Aesthetics and its stress on Sculpture126
3. Romantic Aesthetics and its Stress on music126
Les Lumièrcs et l'appauvrissement de la Poétique du Merveilleux dans l'opera Francais128
Diderot et I'esquisse: Ie sens de Ia Musique pure129
Handel's Alexander'sfeast: A Successful step towards the new English oratorio132
Mozart and the Politics of Absolute desire135
Ottaviano Di Guasco and the History of art of the Enlightenment137
De Télémaque à Ossian: Sujets et Allusions Iitteraires dans la Peinture138
Le 'cadre' Comme lieu de Paradoxe au dix-huitième siècle142
La Thématique des ruines dans la Peinture Française du dix-huitième siècle146
Big People and little People: Size, Distance and value in Gulliver's Travels and Baroque trompe-l'ceil150
Nicola van Houbraken and the visual arts153
The 'Fortune Critique' of Joseph-Marie Vien's Ermite Endormi at the 1753 Salon156
Reynolds and Wordsworth: The Emergence of a post-Enlightenment Aesthetic159
Delacroix et les Philosophes162
La Vera Costanza: A case study for Musical Characterisation in Haydn's operas166
De l'objet chez Diderot et chez Chardin170
1. L'objet chez Diderot170
2. L'objet chez Chardin171
Moliere dans les Lumières Grecques175
Neohellenic Aesthetics and the European Enlightenment179
Two Canons in Eighteenth-century South Slav literary Practice183
The Politics of the Sublime: Burke and Klopstock188
The Rococo Butterfly meets the Butterfly Effect: A chaos theory Approach to art and literature191
Le Sublime dans le Drame Allemand du dix-huitième Siècle195
Beauty and Horror: On the Dichotomy of Beauty and the Sublime in Eighteenth-century Aesthetics199
The Semiotics of Performance on the mid-eighteenth-century Viennese Stage202
Images of the Enlightenment in Alfieri's Agamennone204
A southern Italian scholar: Francesco Bernardino Cicala (1765-18 I 5)208
Théâtre et Salles de Théâtre à Lisbonne dans la Deuxième Moitié du dix-huitième siècle212
Vie du style et style de vie: les Cartas familiares de Cavaleiro de Oliveira216
La Poésie de Nicolau Tolentino et l'héritage du Roman Picaresque219
Lichtenberg's Ideas on Genius221
Lichtenberg as post-structuralist224
Lichtenberg's Metaphor of the hunt228
Popular Theatre on the Threshold of the Brazilian Colonial age: Historical Anthropology Through the reading of Foreigners' travels228
Eusebio de Pedro Montegón, un Roman Pédagogique majeur en Espagne de 1786 à 1855232
Swedish Secret Societies as a Public arena236
Neapolitan Opera, the Genesis of a European genre238
An Eighteenth-century Treatise on dance240
9 Travel and Communications\ Voyages et Communications244
Le voyage dans La Henriade et La Pucelle: Un outil Rhétorique246
Un Francais chez les Micmacs en 1752: Thomas Pichon250
L'exploration de l'Amérique au début du dix-huitième siècle: Mythe et Stratégic de Colonisation254
The Relative Obscurity of Bougainville's Voyage257
The Iphigenia theme in the Adieux du Vieillard in Diderot's Supplément au Voyage de Bougainville259
Writing and Reading as leisure Activities in the middle Colonies264
The search for Rhubarb267
From Ithaca to Matavai Bay: Islands, Discovery and Possession in Eighteenth-century Political Culture271
Adulphe Delegorgue and Johan Wahlberg: Two views from the Enlightenment in Nineteenth-century Southern Africa274
Le Pittoresque dans les Voyages au Levant276
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A ractising Catholic 'working the Craft'281
Ottoman Picturesque: Luigi Mayer's drawings of Turkish life (1776-1794)284
Vienne vu par un Aristocrate Hongrois en 178T l'Esquisse d'un Tableau Mouvant de Vienne, ecrite par Ie comte Janos Fekete de Galantha (1741-1803)285
British Travellers in Eighteenth-century Spain289
'Monstrum Horrendum ingens':' Ie Vesuve et Ies Lumièrcs292
Ancient and Modern Romans Compared: The Transformation of Stereotypes in British travel literature297
Reading Montesquieu's Voyages as a novel301
Berkeley and Apulia: The modern Conception of Berkeley's journey to Apulia304
James Boswell and Scotland in An account of Corsica308
James Boswell and Frederick of Prussia311
Russian Travellers discover Western Europe in the age of the Enlightenment314
The road to Happiness: Conversational travel in the novels of Sarah Fielding317
Images d'un tour Pittoresque en Angleterre320
Three Unlikely fellow Travellers: Mary Wollstonecraft, Yorick, Samuel Johnson324
Le Mythe anglais des Lettres Philosophiques325
East meets West: Nakae Chemin's Min 'yaku yakkai and Rousseau's Contrat social1328
10 The family\ La famille332
The Representation of the family in Montesquieu and Rousseau334
Family and state in the works of J. J. Rousseau338
The Changing Discourse on the family and state: The case of Bastardy341
Royal Authority and Paternal Authority in the Opposition to French Absolutism345
Montesquieu et la Démographic Romaine346
The literature of Depopulation Delusion in Eighteenth-century France349
Les Vieillards et la Vieillesse dans I'Encyclopédie, ou les illusions de la Science au milieu du dix-huitième siècle352
Fertility, Sterility and Contraception in the Hungarian Peasantry in the Eighteenth Century354
Child-bearing in Richardson's novels: 'this Affecting Subject'355
Onomastique Marivaudienne: Angélique Nubile357
Charles Hanbury Williams's Correspondence with his Daughters359
Female identity: The Ideology of Submission360
Gertrudes and the flying man, or Bigamy and family Disruption in late Eighteenth-century Portugal362
Le Mariage dans la littérature Française du dix-huitième siècle: Révolution Familiale et èvolution sociale363
Domestic Alliances and Misalliances in Lesage's novels367
Vraisemblance, Adultère et Mémoires Judiciaires371
Le Thème du Mariage (ou ménage) à trois dans l'oeuvre et la vie de Saint-Lambert373
Class Relations and social norms in Berquin's L 'Ami des enfants: Declared objectives and Hidden Curriculum375
Politique et éloquence: l'éducation de Gustave III de Suède1377
The Families of the nuns who Begged the Pope's Pardon381
La Polémique Contre Ie Mariage dans l'ItaIie du dix-huitième Siècle383
Improving the Status of Women within Marriage: Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel's 1793 Treatise Ober die Ehe384
Seminars Tables rondes386
1 The domestic arts\ Les arts de la maison388
La cuisine de Voltaire390
Des Fiches-recettes de vie Pratique dans la France du dix-huitième Siècle391
Women's Cookery in Eighteenth-century England: Authors, Attitudes, Culinary Styles394
2 The Manuscript as a form of Communication La Communication par Manuscrit398
La Fonction du Manuscrit par Rapport à l'imprimé400
Nouvelles à fa main: The Subscriber's view401
Reflcxions sur un Recueil de Manuscrits Clandestins404
La Première éition du Telliamed407
Meslier et la Destinée d'une Pensée Diffusée par Manuscrits Posthumes410
3 James Boswell and the Enlightenment Boswell et les Lumières414
Sentiment and Sentimentalism in Boswell and the French Enlightenment416
Boswell's Life of Hume417
Boswell's Historiography422
4 Conflict and Opposition in the Scottish Enlightenment Les Lumières écossaises: Conflits et Oppositions428
The Battle of the Sexes in John Millar's Origin ofthe Distinction of ranks430
The rejection of conflict: Adam Ferguson's German readers432
Janet Little and Robert Burns436
'An Engagement of Porcupines': Ossian and the Language of Eighteenth-century literary Dispute438
The Struggle for Academic Patronage: The Edinburgh chairs of natural history and agriculture in the I770S and I780s440
Henry Dundas and the Resolution of Conflict through the Political Process442
6 Large Editorial Projects in Progress Les Grandes éditions en cours446
Prologues and Epilogues on the English stage: A Complete edition (1660-1800)448
Why an Edition of the English Prologues and Epilogues?448
What is the Nature of the Edition in Progress?449
The Research Problems Involved450
The Publication Problems451
Les CEuvres Completès de Benjamin Constant452
Présentation de la série 'Libre Pensée et littérature Clandestine'455
Bibliography of the Writings of J.-J. Rousseau457
The Bayle Correspondence459
Taking stock of the Leigh Edition of the Correspondance de Rousseau464
7 William Beckford Organiser I responsable: Kenneth W. Graham470
Beckford and the Emerging Consciousness: Projective Collecting and the Aesthetic Dynamics of Acquisition472
William Beckford and the Romantic Tradition of travel literature476
William Beckford: Traveller, artist, Escapist480
8 War and peace Guerre et paix482
The Encyclopédic on war and peace484
The Causes of war in the Eighteenth Century487
The Economics of war and peace489
War and peace: Voltaire and Frederick II, 1740-1742492
9 Metamorphoses of the Encyclopedie Les Métamorphoses de l'Encyclopedic496
Economie Ancienne et Moderne498
Le cas des Sciences de la vie499
Les Métamorphoses des Planches de l'Encyclopédic: Quelques Exemples502
Illustrations Encyclopediques: De la Cyclop-edia à l'Encyclopédic504
Les Avatars de Quelques Articles de musique de Rousseau entre Cncyclopédies et Dictionnaires Thématiques507
Encyclopédisme Européen: Projet de Recensement des Exemplaires Existants de l'Encyclopédie: Ie point de l'enquete510
Eighteenth-century Translations of the Encyclopedic: How influential were they?511
Censorship in Translation: The Spanish Translation of the Encyclopedie Methodique512
The Encyclopedic Methodique and the Organisation of knowledge515
Etude Comparative des Articles Politiques incrimines par Barruel dans les Editions de Paris, de Geneve et d'Yverdon518
10 International Reception Processes Processus de Réception Transnationaux dans l'Europe des Lumières522
Processus de Réception Transnationaux dans l'Europe des Lumières524
1. Théorie de la Réception524
2. Processus de Réception Transnationaux525
3. Historical Diffusion Research526
Réécritures et Formes de Réception du Brutus de Voltaire au dix-huitième siècle528
Journaux Politiques au Temps de la Révolution Francaise en Allemagne - quelques Remarques sur l'exemple de Leipzig532
Transferts de Savoir dans Ie Domaine de Ia culture Commercante en Europe au dix-huitième siècle534
La Réception du Brutus de Voltaire en Italie au dix-huitième siècle536
Staatsisissenschaften and Political Economy at the University of Gottingen: The Scottish influence538
11 Health and Sickness Sante et Maladie542
The Genteel art of Resuscitation544
Sarah Stone: The Midwife's tales547
Women in Medicine on the eve of the Enlightenment: Mrs Mary Trye's Medicatrix: or the woman-physician (1675)548
Inventing the Human Sciences551
Anthropology and Conjectural History in the Enlightenment551
Medicine and Enlightenment552
Alphabetical list of Contributors Table Alphabétique des Participants556