Disability and the Posthuman

BookDisability and the Posthuman

Disability and the Posthuman

Bodies, Technology, and Cultural Futures

Representations: Health, Disability, Culture and Society, 10


May 8th, 2020

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Disability and the Posthuman is the first study to analyse cultural representations and deployments of disability as they interact with posthumanist theories of technology and embodiment. Working across a wide range of texts, many new to critical enquiry, in contemporary writing, film and cultural practice from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Japan, it covers a diverse range of topics, including: contemporary cultural theory and aesthetics; design, engineering and gender; the visualisation of prosthetic technologies in the representation of war and conflict; and depictions of work, time and sleep. While noting the potential limitations of posthumanist assessments of the technologized body, the study argues that there are exciting, productive possibilities and subversive potentials in the dialogue between disability and posthumanism as they generate dissident crossings of cultural spaces. Such intersections cover both fictional/imagined and material/grounded examples of disability and look to a future in which the development of technology and complex embodiment of disability presence align to produce sustainable yet radical creative and critical voices.  

‘Through the use of film and a myriad of other cultural artefacts this wonderfully readable text positions disability as the quintessential posthuman subject and disabled people as key players in debates about identity and new technologies’. Professor Dan Goodley, University of Sheffield

‘Alas, I have no space to say more than that this is a beautifully produced book both as an aesthetic object and as a thought-provoking text. Together with its compelling scholarship, the reading experience of Murray’s Disability and the Posthuman could scarcely be bettered.’Margrit Shildrick, Lambda

Author Information

Stuart Murray is Professor of Contemporary Literatures and Film in the School of English at the University of Leeds.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Preface: In Search of the Emerald City: Lessons from the Tin Woodman11
Introduction: Disabling the Human19
Chapter 1: (Post)human Subjects, Disability Deployments45
Chapter 2: Design, Engineering and Gendering the Disabled Body83
Chapter 3: Visualising and Re-Membering Disability Body Politics in Filmic Representations of the ‘W141
Chapter 4: Reading Disability in a Time of Posthuman Work: Speed, Sleep and Embodiment191
Conclusion: On Not Wanting to End237