Poetic Genesis

BookPoetic Genesis

Poetic Genesis

Sebastien Mercier into Victor Hugo

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 11


January 1st, 1960

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page8
Key to Abbreviations17
Poetic Genesis: Sebastien Mercier Into Victor Hugo18
Chapter I. Nature and Extent of the Evidence18
Books at Hauteville House: Dictionaries21
Manuscripts and Reliquats25
When it begins: Nodier26
Brunot and others on the Track30
Textual Evidence35
Chapter II. Brief Account Of Mercier and his Work38
Chapter III. Physionomie Des Alpes53
Views and Visions53
A Vol d 'Oiseau74
Chapter IV. Physionomie de Paris81
I. Petty Facts and Ugly Features81
Physionomie d'une Ville: d'une Epoque82
Bicetre: ulcere-lepre83
II. The Manuscrit of the Dernierjour d'un condamne93
III. From Physiognomy to Philanthropy101
Chapter V. Physionomie Gothique des Antiquites108
Gothic Colossus115
Guerre Aux Demolisseurs!120
Novel Theories124
Chapter VI. 'Leze-Majeste Racinienne'129
The 'Drame'129
'Mixed' Characters136
Details from Dramas140
'Pelgnes-Moi Cromwell'142
Physionomie D'Une Epoque145
Chapter VII. Linguistic High Treason148
'Original' Imagery in the Preface de Cromwell148
'La Mobile Physionomie de Notre Idiome'160
Chapter VIII. Ecce Paris, Ecce Homo170
Paris Creuset: l'Intestin du Leviathan179
Nain de la Giante185
Chapter IX. Facts, Figures and Incidents187
Chapter X. Principles and Methods210
The Bible of Nature212
The Great Book of the World215
Petits Faits218
Antithesis: 'Les Extremes Se Touchent'223
Word-Painting: Nuances225
Chapter XI. Visionary Stylistics231
Chapter XII. Apocalyptic Visions247
Chapter XIII. Elements of Philosophy: Sage and Mage262
Appendixes I295
i. Some Alpine descriptions by Mercier or articles relevant to the Alps295
ii. Some articles showing appreciation of gothic architecture295
iii. Some articles concerning prisons, penalties, police, crime etc295
II. List of Mercier's 'Songes' and' Visions', with some details of publication296
III. i. Milancolie297
ii. La Ville de Paris en relief300
iii. De I'Amour (Songe philosophique)307
IV. Some metaphysical articles by Mercier309
V. List ofimages &c. in La Pente de la reverie having counterparts in Mercier310
Bibliographical Data311
Index of 'New' Expressions and Images316