The French Image of China before and after Voltaire

BookThe French Image of China before and after Voltaire

The French Image of China before and after Voltaire

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 21


December 31st, 1963

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Table of Contents
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Chapter I. The Image Takes Shape: Introduction: early merchant relations; France and the politics of religion; the rites controversy27
Chapter II. Scientia Sinensis: Religious contributions to Europe's knowledge of Chinese geography, history, and chronology; the great revelation: Chinese religion; Chinese morality and politics60
Chapter III. The Libertines and the Birth of the Chinese Sage: Chinese chronology, the basis of attack; the negative approach: religious criticism; the positive approach: moral regeneration and political reform; the birth of the Chinese sage110
Chapter IV. Varying Perspectives: Chinoiseries; imaginative literature, I; gadflies160
Chapter V. Voltaire, Sinophile: Voltaire and the Jesuits; Chinese motifs; political criticism and religious toleration; China in the Essai sur les moeurs; sinomania222
Chapter VI. Transformations: Enthusiasts and moderates; growing discontent; sinophobia: Diderot and Rousseau295
Chapter VII. The Glory and the Dream: Physiocracy; imaginative Iiterature, II; sinology351
Chapter VIII. The Image Fades: China: the reality behind appearance; China's rivaIs: Hinduism, Hellenism, and primitivism; conclusion410
Appendix A. ChronoIogicaI summary of the history of the Society of Jesus and its relations with China445
Appendix B. Acomparative table of Chinese texts in English and French romanization447
Appendix C. The development of Voltaire's chapters on China in the Essai sur les moeurs449
Appendix D. A.list of the significant works in which Voltaire mentions China450
Bibliography: Bibliographies and general reference works; primary sources; secondary sources453