Rainy Days / Dias de Lluvia

BookRainy Days / Dias de Lluvia

Rainy Days / Dias de Lluvia

Short Stories by Contemporary Spanish Women Writers

Aris & Phillips Hispanic Classics


October 4th, 2018

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Writers, publishers, readers and scholars have stopped apologising for the short story: the genre is no longer a bad investment, a trial-exercise for a novel or a minor entertainment, as demonstrated by exceptional writers with an almost exclusive dedication to it, such as Jorge Luis Borges, Alice Munro, Quim Monzó or Cristina Fernández Cubas. With deep roots in classic and medieval literatures, and great achievements in the nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries, the genre of the short story, which benefits from the linguistic tightness of poetry and the narrative comforts of the novel, has finally been recognised as having a (hybrid) identity of its own. This volume re-edits and expands a previous bilingual collection published in 1997. The first edition included stories by twelve writers: Pilar Cibreiro, Cristina Fernández Cubas, Paloma Díaz-Mas, Adelaida García Morales, Lourdes Ortiz, Laura Freixas, Marina Mayoral, Mercedes Abad, Rosa Montero, Maruja Torres, Soledad Puértolas and María Eugenia Salaverri. The present edition adds another four: Nuria Amat, Juana Salabert, Luisa Castro and Berta Marsé. The stories gathered in this second edition were written between 1980 and 2010, and testify to the richness and vitality of women’s writing in contemporary Spain. With the original texts in Spanish as well as facing-page English translations, an Introduction, notes, and bio-bibliographical information on each author, this volume is a useful tool for students of the Spanish language and culture at all levels. It includes a selection of secondary reading on Spanish women writers and a selection of anthologies of Spanish short stories since 1997.

'In conclusion, Rainy Days/Días de lluvia will enhance knowledge and understanding of important contemporary Spanish women writers, both for those familiar with Spanish literature and for those wanting to learn about them. Montserrat Lunati’s bilingual anthology is highly recommended.'
Lynn K. Talbot, Bulletin of Spanish Studies

Author Information

Dr Montserrat Lunati is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff University, and an Honorary Reader at the University of St Andrews. She was Visiting Professor in Catalan Studies at the University of Chicago (2012) and at the University of Stanford (2018).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page2
Copyright Page3
Acknowledgements (second edition)8
Acknowledgements (first edition)9
Introduction to the second edition. ‘Fugitive alchemy’: some notes on the second edition of Rainy Days10
Introduction to the first edition. Women writers in Post-Franco Spain: Writing as a transgression?28
Pilar Cibreiro: Días de lluvia / Rainy Days60
Cristina Fernández Cubas: El reloj de Bagdad / The Clock from Baghdad70
Adelaida García Morales: El encuentro / A Chance Encounter98
Lourdes Ortiz: Penélope / Penelope126
Laura Freixas: Memoria en venta / Memories for Sale154
Marina Mayoral: Nueve meses y un día / Nine Months and a Day178
Mercedes Abad: Pasión defenestrante / Uncontrolled Passion198
Rosa Montero: El abuelo / The Grandfather216
Nuria Amat: Hipatia / Hypatia230
Maruja Torres: Desparecida / The Woman Who Disappeared256
Soledad Puértolas: Viejas historias / Tales from the Past268
María Eugenia Salaverri: Cirugía plástica / Plastic Surgery296
Luisa Castro: Mi madre en la ventana / My Mother at the Window320
Juana Salabert: Serás aire volador / You’ll Become a Whisper of Air344
Paloma Díaz-Mas: Los mayorales exhaustos / The Exhausted Farmers362
Berta Marsé: Cocinitas / Playing Houses392
A Selection of Critical Works on Spanish women’s writing since 1997 (dealing with more than one single author)420
A Selection of Anthologies of Spanish cuentos and studies on the short story genre since 1997426