Inventory of Diderot's 'Encyclopédie'

BookInventory of Diderot's 'Encyclopédie'

Inventory of Diderot's 'Encyclopédie'

[Volume I]

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 80


December 31st, 1971

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page6
Copyright Page7
Table of Contents10
1. The contents of the inventory22
2. Designation of categories27
3. Textual problems30
4. Problems of attribution35
5. The problem of Diderot's articles39
6. Other matters of attribution48
7. The editorial material in the first eight volumes56
8. Ornaments in the text62
9. Editions bearing the Paris-Neufchastel imprint64
10. Variants in titles and signs of attribution in the first three editions of volumes I-III88
11. The Riverside counterfeit volumes I-VII and their relationship with the original editions and the Geneva folio edition95
12. Table of variants in the original edition, the Geneva edition, and the Riverside volumes117
Appendix A. Collation of the Discours préliminaire, the *Explication détaillée du systême des connaissances humaines, and the ·Systême figuré des connoissances humaines of Diderot's 1750 prospectus124
Appendix B. The censored texts and the cancels130
Appendix C. The article Constitution Unigenitus152
Appendix D. The censored text of the article Gomaristes187
Appendix E. Variants in later editions ofthe Discourspréliminaire, the Avertissement of volume III, and the Eloges of Montesquieu, Mallet, and Dumarsais192
Appendix F. Variants in Encyclopédie articles republished elsewhere206