Transnational East Asian Studies

BookTransnational East Asian Studies

Transnational East Asian Studies

Transnational Modern Languages, 8


December 1st, 2022



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Transnational East Asian Studies demonstrates how transnationalism as a mode of intellectual enquiry has wide-ranging interdisciplinary potential and has immense value when examining the past, just as much as much as when examining the present. Artificially erected borders, which appear on maps and globes, fail to consider the ways people in diverse regions live and practice their everyday lives, existing beyond boundaries. The people of East Asia have always been on the move, they have never been homogeneous, and have evolved together, not apart. In this sense, people around the globe and also in East Asia have always been involved in a process of change and transformation. Hence, transnationalism is a way to overcome methodological nationalism, not only as a concept of identity and spatiality, but also as a concept temporally situated in the modern, because as a methodology, transnationalism does not take the national as a precondition. It allows us to move beyond and across borders, and to examine how ideas have been used and transformed in different contexts. This book thus underscores the complex interactions in the context of East Asia, past and present, while shaping the future of this complicated region.

Author Information

Kevin Cawley is a Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies and Director of the Irish Institute of Korean Studies at University College Cork. Julia Schneider is a Lecturer in Chinese Studies at University College Cork.