Identity, Belonging and Migration

BookIdentity, Belonging and Migration

Identity, Belonging and Migration

Studies in Social and Political Thought, 17


February 1st, 2008

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This volume addresses the question of migration in Europe. It is concerned with the extent to which racism and anti-immigration discourse has been to some extent normalised and ‘democratised’ in European and national political discourses. Mainstream political parties are espousing increasingly coercive policies and frequently attempting to legitimate such approaches via nationalist-populist slogans and coded forms of racism. Identity, Belonging and Migration shows that that liberalism is not enough to oppose the disparate and diffuse xenophobia and racism faced by many migrants today and calls for new conceptions of anti-racism within and beyond the state. The book is divided into three parts and organised around a theoretical framework for understanding migration, belonging, and exclusion, which is subsequently developed through discussions of state and structural discrimination as well as a series of thematic case studies. In drawing on a range of rich and original data, this timely volume makes an important contribution to discussions on migration in Europe.

Author Information

Gerard Delanty is Professor of Sociology at the University of Sussex. Ruth Wodak is Professor of Discourse Studies at Lancaster University. Paul R. Jones is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Liverpool.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
List of Figures8
Notes on Contributors9
Introduction: Migration, Discrimination and Belonging in Europe13
Part I: Theoretical Perspectives on Belonging31
1 Belonging and European Identity33
2 Identity, Belonging and Migration: Beyond Constructing ‘Others’50
3 ‘Us’ and ‘Them’: Inclusion and Exclusion - Discrimination via Discourse66
4 Dilemmas of Secularism: Europe, Religion and the Problem of Pluralism90
Part II: Institutional Forms of Discrimination111
5. Racism, Anti-Racism and the Western State113
6 What Space for Migrant Voices in European Anti-Racism?132
7 Multiculturalization of Societies: The State and Human Rights Issues146
8 Towards a Theory of Structural Discrimination: Cultural, Institutional and Interactional Mechanisms of the ‘European Dilemma’164
9 On Institutional and Agentic Discrimination: Migrants and National Labour Markets185
10 Non-Place Identity: Britain’s Response to Migration in the Age of Supermodernity210
Part III: Cases of Belonging and Exclusion231
11 Symbolic Violence233
12 Voices of Migrants: Solidarity and Resistance253
13 Transformations of ‘Dutchness’: From Happy Multiculturalism to the Crisis of Dutch Liberalism273
14 Competent vs. Incompetent Students: Polarization and Social Closure in Madrid Schools291
Conclusion: Discrimination as a Modern European Legacy313