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March 19th, 2008



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This is one of the best study guides that I have seen... you would be foolish indeed to ignore this guide.

In the Picture

A leading example of a resurgent Latin American cinema – 'la buena onda' – in the early twenty-first century, City of God was a huge international popular and critical success. A combination of intoxicating, Hollywood-style genre film-making and hard-hitting, social-realist subject matter it was hailed as a masterpiece at Cannes in 2002 and seen by over 3 million people in Brazil, including the Brazilian cabinet. In Studying City of God, Stephanie Muir considers: The historical and industrial context of City of God – a brief history of Latin American cinema is followed by a more detailed account of film-making in Brazil – from light-hearted travelogues to Cinema Novo and after – all in the context of increasing globalisation; Narrative and Genre – how the film uses the components of narrative in a complex way, ex-perimentally manipulating time while using traditional genre conventions that are highly recognisable to mainstream audiences; Film language – the formal elements of the film are dissected through a detailed illustrated analysis of the kinetic, scene setting opening sequence; Audience responses – from establishment critical reaction to fan-based Internet sites and student feedback; Representation and Ideology – just how 'authentic' can a film such as City of God hope to be? Does its style overwhelm its subject matter?

Author Information

Stephanie Muir is course coordinator of film studies at Richmond upon Thames College, Twickenham, and the author of Studying City of God.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Studying City of God Factsheet7
1. Context16
2. Macro Elements42
3. Micro Elements70
4. Messages and Values82