Ideology and Experience

BookIdeology and Experience

Ideology and Experience

Anti-Semitism in France at the Time of the Dreyfus Affair

The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization


September 1st, 1982

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In this analysis of racism in late nineteenth-century France, anti-Semitism is studied in its social context as an indicator and symptom of social change. The author provides a more general analysis of anti-Semitic ideology in France, and he concludes with a study of the Jewish response to this challenge.

'An excellent historical, sociological and psychological examination of anti-semitism ... even those who believe they understand the mechanics of anti-semitism will benefit from a reading of this book.' Jerusalem Post 'An unprecedentedly complete compendium of evidence ... exceptionally well written.' The Observer

Author Information

Stephen Wilson was formerly Reader in European History at the University of East Anglia. He is the author of Feuding, Conflict, and Banditry in Nineteenth-Century Corsica (1988), which won the Prix du Livre Corse, The Means of Naming: A Social and Cultural History of Personal Naming in Western Europe (1998), and The Magical Universe: Everyday Ritual and Magic in Pre-Modern Europe (2000).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Half Title2
Title Page4
Part One: The Dreyfus Affair, Public Opinion, and Antisemitism16
I. The Dreyfus Affair, Public Opinion Andantisemitism: I18
II. The Dreyfus Affair, Public Opinion Andantisemitism: II62
III. The Antisemitic Riots of 1898121
IV. The Henry Subscription 1898–9140
Part Two: The Antisemitic Movement in France at the End of the Nineteenth Century182
V. Drumont, La France Juive and La Libre Parole184
VI. The Ligue Antisemitique Francaise194
VII. The Antisemitic Movement: Miscellaneous Organizations, General Characteristics and the Press212
VIII. Antisemitism in French Politics: The Antisemitic Group in the Chamber of Deputies 1898-1906228
IX. The Antisemitic Movement in Algeria: French Antisemitism in Decline245
Part Three: Types of Antisemitism260
X. Economic Antisemitism262
XI. Social Antisemitism: "A Kind of Socialism"334
XII. Nationalist Antisemitism: "France for the French"394
XIII. Racial Antisemitism: "A Race Apart"471
XIV. Religious Antisemitism: "Among French Catholics"524
XV. Sexual Antisemitism: "Horribly Sensual"599
XVI. Antisemitism as an Ideology and its General Function617
Part Four: Antisemitism and the Jews668
XVII. Antisemitism and Jewish Presence: The Geography of Antisemitism670
XVIII. The Aims of Antisemitism686
XIX. Antisemitism and Jewish Response707
Part Five: Conclusion746
XX. Conclusion748
Guide to Further Reading758
Select Bibliography762