The Origins of Palestinian Art

Bashir Makhoul and Gordon Hon

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ISBN: 9781846319532

Publication: November 13, 2013

Series: Value: Art: Politics 9

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This book provides the most comprehensive survey of contemporary Palestinian art to date. The development of contemporary practice, theory and criticism is understood as integral to the concomitant construction of Palestinian national identities. In particular the book explores the intricate relationship between art and nationalism in which the idea of origin plays an important and problematic role. The book deconstructs the existing narratives of the history of Palestinian art, which search for its origins in the 19th century, and argues that Palestinian contemporary art demonstrates pluralistic, politically and philosophically complex attitudes towards identity and nation that confound familiar narratives of origin and belonging. The book builds upon theories of art, nationalism and post-colonialism particularly in relation to the themes of fragmentation and dispersal. It takes the Arabic word for Diaspora Shatat (literally broken apart) as a central concern in contemporary understanding of Palestinian culture and develops it, along with Edward Said’s paradoxical formula of a ‘coherence of dispersal’ as the organising concept of the book. This aspect of contemporary Palestinian art is peculiarly suited to the conditions produced by the globalisation of art and we show how Palestinian artists, despite not having a state, have developed an international profile.

Professor Bashir Makhoul is Rector of Winchester Campus and Head of School at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.

Dr Gordon Hon is Lecturer in Fine Art and Visual Culture at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.

List of Illustrations Preface Acknowledgements 1. Introduction The Problem of the Beginning 2. The Problem of the Origin The Empty Centre The Wall 3. Origin and Disaster Chaos and the Open Mouth 4. Jerusalem as the Navel and the Blind Spot The City as Hierophany The City as Wiki 5. Inside the Line: Palestinians in Israel 6. Al-Shataat: A Coherence of Dispersion The Shadow of the Map The Cracked Earth Contingency, Tactics and Strategic Essentialism The Artist as Semblant 7. Trailers and Openings Bibliography Index

The book is an excellent survey of contemporary Palestinian art, bringing together a wide range of artists and mediums along with descriptions of these art works and their interpretation within the context of Palestinian culture and history.
Kiven Strohm   Journal of Palestine Studies

'A masterful performance of fairness and objectivity, combined with a passion for the subject that will make it the most important point of departure for all future writing on this subject.'

  Critical Inquiry

Format: Paperback

Size: 234 × 156 mm

269 Pages

ISBN: 9781846319532

Publication: November 13, 2013

Series: Value: Art: Politics 9

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