Activist Poetics by John Kinsella

Anarchy in the Avon Valley

Edited by Niall Lucy and John Kinsella

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ISBN: 9781846314698

Publication: May 31, 2010

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John Kinsella is known internationally as the acclaimed author of more than thirty books of poetry and prose, but in tandem with - and often directly through - his creative and critical work, Kinsella is also a prominent activist. In this important collection of essays the vegan anarchist pacifist poet claims that poetry can act as a vital form of resistance to a variety of social and ethical ills, in particular ecological damage and abuse. Kinsella builds on his earlier notion of 'linguistic disobedience' evolving out of civil disobedience, and critiques the figurative qualities of his poems in a context of resistance. The book includes explorations of anarchism, veganism, pacifism, and ecological poetics. For Kinsella all poetry is political and can be a call to action.

John Kinsella is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, Professor of English at Kenyon College in the United States and Adjunct Professor to Edith Cowan University, Western Australia, where he is a Principal of the Landscape and Language Centre. He is a poetry critic for the Observer and was founding editor of the literary journal Salt.

Niall Lucy is a Research Fellow with the Australia Research Institute. He is a former Head of the School of Arts at Murdoch University, where he taught for many years in the Literature, Philosophy and Communication Studies programs.

Acknowledgements Map of Avon Valley Introduction: Blood & Salt - Niall Lucy 1. Herewith the (Auto) Razó: Activism and the Poet 2. Standing Up to Aggressors 3. Why I Am a Pacifist 4. Plagues & Bioethics 5. Refugees & Australia 6. Wheatbelt Isohalines & the Making of Isopleths:The ‘Annihilation of Distance’ & Other Subtexts associated with the Creation of a Sequence of Poems 7. Half-Masts: A Prosody of Telecommunications 8. Geodysplasia: Geographical Abnormalities & Anomalies of an Activist Poetics 9. Activist Readings of Three Australian Poems 10. Working with Coral Hull on Zoo (A Collaboration) 11. De-mapping & Reconnoitring Notions of Boundaries –Mutually Said: Blogging & Acting 12. Poetry, Justice & the Court 13. The School of Environmental Poetics & Creativity Coda: Visitors Appendix 1. On Anarchism: Tracy Ryan Interviews John Kinsella Appendix 2. Dialogue on Vegan Ethics: John Kinsella & Tracy Ryan Reference Index

John Kinsella's Activist Poetics argues that poetry can act as a form of resistance to social and ethical ills, especially ecological damage and abuse, by provoking responses. In these personal essays, memoirs, polemics, poems and critical readings of Australian poems, written over the past twenty years, Kinsella shows the ways in which he has attempted to engage with the world as he sees it in the Avon Valley, Western Australia. The book is not so much of a manifesto as an apologia, an attempt to show the ways in which he has seen and written about the injustices and disturbances in that area. His approach to issues such as immigration, refugees, animal rights, zoos, forest preservation, land erosion, telecommunication masts, and so on, is applicable elsewhere and that is what makes his 'linguistic disobedience', energetic involvement and ability to look, bear witness and become involved, so striking.
  Tears in the Fence, Number 52

John Kinsella delights in disturbance. (He) writes like an Australian storm at full blow.
  The Observer

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 × 163 mm

232 Pages

ISBN: 9781846314698

Publication: May 31, 2010

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