An Early Ottoman History

The Oxford Anonymous Chronicle (Bodleian Library, Ms Marsh 313)

Translated with commentary by Dimitri J. Kastritsis

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ISBN: 9781786940681

Publication: December 13, 2017

Series: Translated Texts for Byzantinists 5

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The manuscript translated here contains one of the most important texts for understanding the development of early Ottoman historiography in the fifteenth century. The so-called Oxford Anonymous chronicle is a comprehensive history of the Ottoman dynasty in Turkish, compiled from various sources to tell the story of the dynasty from its rise to the year 1484 (AH 889). Like several other histories produced around the same time, some of which it influenced, it presents the Ottomans in the context of wider Islamic history and contains a coherent argument for their superiority over other dynasties. The manuscript had previously belonged to the Dutch orientalist Jacob Golius (d. 1667). Although its history is largely unknown, it was probably a presentation copy made for Sultan Bayezid II (r. 1481–1512). The work itself is a product of Bayezid’s patronage, and shows a strong preoccupation with the perennial Ottoman problem of dynastic succession. Fully one third of the manuscript contains an older text recounting in epic terms the struggles of Mehmed I against his brothers (1402–13). The obvious explanation is that when Oxford Anonymous was compiled, Bayezid II was also facing a rival claimant to the throne, his brother Cem Sultan (d. 1495).

Dr. Dimitri J. Kastritsis is Lecturer in Ottoman History at the University of St Andrews

Acknowledgements ix
Note on style and transliteration xi
Abbreviations xiii

1 Introduction 1

Oxford Anonymous (Marsh 313) in the context of early Ottoman historical writing 1
Description and history of the manuscript 8
The author and circumstances of composition 10
Overview of the contents 11
The introductory chapters and their significance 16
The sections on Ottoman history 28

2 Translation 43

Preface 45
Chapter 1 52
Chapter 2 55
Inquiry 2 (Orhan) 69
Inquiry 3 (Murad I) 74
Inquiry 4 (Bayezid I) 85
Inquiry 5 (Mehmed I) 97
Inquiry 6 (Murad II) 155
Inquiry 7 (Mehmed II) 175
Inquiry 8 (Bayezid II) 213

Glossary 219
Bibliography 223
Index 243

Format: Hardback

Size: 210 × 147 mm

272 Pages

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ISBN: 9781786940681

Publication: December 13, 2017

Series: Translated Texts for Byzantinists 5

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