Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 14

Edited by Ilia Rodov, Mirjam Rajner, and Emile Schrijver

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ISBN: 9781786940865

Publication: October 31, 2018

Series: Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art 14

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This volume focuses on the migration and acculturation of images in Jewish culture and how that reflects intercultural exchange. Gender aspects of Jewish art are also highlighted, as is the role of images in interreligious encounters. Other topics covered include the history, codicology, and iconography of a Haggadah produced in the late fifteenth century.

Emile Schrijver is General Director of the Jewish Cultural Quarter, Amsterdam

Ilia Rodov is Head of the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University. He is the author of many works on European synagogue art, focusing on the history, patronage, and meanings of synagogue paintings, sculptures, architectural decoration, and furniture design.

Mirjam Rajner is Lecturer in the Jewish Art Department at Bar-Ilan University. Her numerous publications deal with the early art of Marc Chagall, the art of Russian, Polish, and South-Eastern artists of Jewish origin in the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, and the art created during and immediately after the Holocaust.


1. From Ashkenaz to Italy: The Riddle of the Sereni Haggadah
Sivan Gottlieb

2. Christian Illuminators, Jewish Patrons, and the Gender of the Jewish Book
Eva Frojmovic

3.From Kurdistan to Baghdad: Transitions of Visual Knowledge during the Early Modern Period
Eliezer Baumgarten

4. A Symbolic Image Envisioning Divine Communication in Jewish, Byzantine, and Islamic Art
Shulamith Laderman

5. The Jewish Image Desecrator in the Cantigas de Santa Maria
Katherine Aron-Beller

6. Défense Juive Contre l’Antisémitisme: A Surviving Medallic Expression of Resistance to Nazism
Ira Rezak

Book Reviews

Sarah Lipton, Dark Mirror: The Medieval Origins of Anti-Semitic Iconography
Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby

Natalia Avtonomova and John E. Bowlt (eds.), Lev Bakst, Léon Bakst. K 150-letiiu so dnia rozhdeniia; Célia Bernasconi, John E. Bowlt, and Nick Mauss (eds.), Designing Dreams: A Celebration of Léon Bakst; Mathias Auclair, Sarah Barbequette, and Stéphane Barsacq (eds.), Bakst. Des Ballets russes à la haute couture
Olga Medvedkova

Synagogues in the Islamic World: Architecture, Design and Identity
Sharman Kadish

Sharman Kadish, Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland: An Architectural Guide
Sergey Kravtsov

Amitai Mendelsohn, Behold the Man: Jesus in Israeli Art
Ziva Amishai Maisels

The Exhibition Jerusalem Between Heaven and Earth
Ori Soltes

Format: Paperback

Size: 280 × 220 mm

168 Pages

32 B&W illustrations and 64 colour illustrations

Copyright: © 2018

ISBN: 9781786940865

Publication: October 31, 2018

Series: Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art 14

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