Theodore Dreiser Recalled

Donald Pizer

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ISBN: 9781942954446

Publication: July 31, 2017

Series: Clemson University Press

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Theodore Dreiser (1871–1946) has long been recognized as a pivotal figure in twentieth-century American literary and cultural history. His fiction played (and still plays) a major role in the vigorous debate over the relationship of art to social reality and political purpose, and his complex and compelling personality has always attracted much attention. From about 1912–15 to his death he was often considered the greatest American writer of the period. Theodore Dreiser Recalled collects for the first time commentary on this literary giant by those of his own time who knew him well. The book includes seventy-six recollections by friends, lovers, and literary associates, ranging in time of publication from 1912 to 1995. Presented with both expert and general readers in mind, the book not only clarifies and extends our knowledge of many aspects of Dreiser’s life and career but also makes excellent reading. In their various ways—from H. L. Mencken’s acerbic accounts of their friendship to one of Edgar Lee Masters’s most powerful poems to Kirah Markham’s bittersweet memories of their affair and to Esther McCoy’s compelling narrative of Dreiser’s death—the recollections demonstrate Dreiser’s ability to move others to recall him not only in full detail but with panache.

Donald Pizer, Pierce Butler Professor of English Emeritus, Tulane University.

List of Illustrations

Part One: Personal Life
Section 1 Portraits of Dreiser
 Sherwood Anderson
 Ernest Boyd
 Louise Campbell
 Dorothy Dudley
 Max Eastman
 Ralph Fabri
 Waldo Frank
 Mike Gold
 Harris Merton Lyon
 Kirah Markham
 Edgar Lee Masters
 H. L. Mencken
 George Jean Nathan
 John Cowper Powys
 Edward H. Smith
 Marguerite Tjader
Section 2 Relations with Women
 Sara (“Jug”) White Dreiser
 Thelma Cudlipp
 Kirah Markham
 Louise Campbell
 Helen Dreiser
 Yvette Szekely Eastman
 Clara Clark Jaeger
 Marguerite Tjader
Section 3 Homes
 Greenwich Village
 Rodin Studios, West 57th St.
 Iroki, Mt. Kisco
 1015 N. Kings Road, Los Angeles
Section 4 Final Years
 Marguerite Tjader
 Helen Dreiser
 Esther McCoy

Part Two: Career and Beliefs
Section 5 Social and Political Activism
 Russian Journey
 The National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners
 Dreiser’s Anti-Semitism
 Dreiser and the Communist Party
Section 6 Magazine Editor
Ev’ry Month
 The Delineator
 American Spectator
Section 7 The Craft of Writing
 George Jean Nathan
 Ludwig Lewisohn
 Floyd Dell
 Helen Dreiser
 Clara Clark Jaeger
Section 8 Literary Friendships
 Richard Duffy
 Arthur Henry
 Sinclair Lewis
 Edgar Lee Masters
 H. L. Mencken
Section 9 Relations with Publishers and Movie Producers
 Doubleday, Page & Co. (Sister Carrie Suppression)
 John Lane Co. (The “Genius” Suppression)
 Horace Liveright
 Paramount Films

Biographical Glossary of Contributors
Contents List in Order of Date of Authorship or Publication
Bibliography of Recollections of Dreiser

Format: Hardback

Size: 239 × 163 mm

352 Pages

ISBN: 9781942954446

Publication: July 31, 2017

Series: Clemson University Press

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