My Dark Horses

Jodie Hollander

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ISBN: 9781786940049

Publication: April 11, 2017

Series: Pavilion Poetry

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Set against the charms and vicissitudes of growing up in a family of musicians, Jodie Hollander’s beautifully-structured and compelling debut follows the story of a daughter’s maturing relationship with her mother. Interspersed with versions of Rimbaud, and always alert to the surreal comedy of the human condition, these powerful and immediate poems chart with huge passion, musicality and insight a complex journey towards familial understanding and reconciliation.

Jodie Hollander was raised in a family of classical musicians. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Poetry Review, The Dark Horse, The Rialto, Verse Daily, The Warwick Review, The Manchester Review, Australia’s Best Poems, 2011, and Australia’s Best Poems of 2015. Her debut pamphlet, The Humane Society, was released with Tall-Lighthouse in 2012. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship in South Africa, and was awarded a MacDowell Colony fellowship in 2015.

Splitting and Fucking
The Metronome
The Talking Tree
The Humane Society
Romancing Herself
Après Le Deluge
Little Serenade
A Cactus
Mother’s Wrists
Transporting the Piano
The Chicken Lady
Mother’s Tomato Plants
How to Fry a Chicken
The Fat Lady’s Arms
Talking in Lamu
The Sound of Scissors
The Glass Elephants
The Storm Horse
The Ferret
The Red Tricycle
A Music Stand
Horse Bones
Skyping with my Mother
A Box
The Last Time I Saw Her
Speaking with the Dead
Mother’s Persian Rugs
Caprice for Violin
Dream of a Burning Woman
The Last Breakfast
Historic Evening
Shopping for Overalls in Milwaukee
Wild Horses
My Mother’s Will Emailed in pdf
Victoria Park
First Storm
A Daughter
Hawthornden Cemetery
Zero Hour
My Brother’s Violin
The Family Freezer
A Friend Request
Feeding the Horses
Lake Park
White Horse
My Dark Horses


The nice thing about the expression “dark horse” is that it applies whether the horse wins or not: it captures the possibility of breakout, and then admits the unlikelihood of it.


'Magnificent...a vast pallette of emotion.'
Robert Ham, The Portland Mercury

This is a technically competent, enjoyable collection which will bear repeated re-readings. At its heart, it is a book about processing and recovering. You will feel your humanity strengthened by reading it.
Charlotte Wetton, The High Window

For some, childhood innocence erodes slowly with each new experience. The lucky ones get to occupy this safe, uncomplicated realm – at least for a time. The longevity of this illusion often depends on the adults around us. For Jodie Hollander’s protagonist, the illusion is broken at a young age, a recurring sensation that is explored throughout My Dark Horses.
Lucy Winrow, The Poetry School

Compass Magazine

Format: Paperback

Size: 189 × 118 mm

64 Pages

ISBN: 9781786940049

Publication: April 11, 2017

Series: Pavilion Poetry

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