Cities in Dialogue

Claire Taylor

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ISBN: 9781781382448

Publication: June 3, 2016

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This book is a retrospective volume on Latin American new media arts, arising from the Cities in Dialogue exhibition that was held in in FACT in conjunction with the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool Independents Biennial in 2014. There is also plenty of detail about the other events that were held during 2014 and into 2015, including workshops, artist talks, Twitter galleries and the Artist in Residence and his activities.

One chapter is dedicated to each artist and the works they presented at the exhibition: Brian Mackern from Uruguay, Bárbara Palomino from Chile, Marina Zerbarini from Argentina, and Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga from the US. There is also an extensive chapter about the exciting new residence artwork created by Artist in Residence Brian Mackern. Entitled This Too Shall Pass// Affective Cartographies, this work is based on footage obtained through a series of unplanned journeys along Liverpool’s urbanscape. The gathering of information and recording of sound and visual material during these journeys is then remixed in this artwork by different parameters (volume levels, transparencies, zooms, fragmentations, crossfadings, speeds of timelines, etc.) controlled by Liverpool’s “socio economic historic curve” of the last century.

In this book you can find out about all of these works, and other pieces by these artists. The book includes full colour images throughout, including exclusive images of works in progress, as well as excerpts of interviews with the artists. At the back of the book you can find links to online resources, including the art works themselves, audio interviews with the artists, image galleries, and more.

Claire Taylor is Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Liverpool.

Foreword by Ana Botella, Programme Producer at FACT

Introduction:  Cities in Dialogue by Claire Taylor and Jordana Blejmar 

Chapter One. On Brian Mackern: his Art Practice and his Works

Chapter Two. On Bárbara Palomino: her art Practice and her Works

Chapter Three. Ricardo Miranda Zuniga: his Art Practice and his Works

Chapter Four. On Marina Zerbarini: Her art Practice and Her Works

Chapter Five. Brian Mackern: Residency Art Work

Concluding Observations: Ludic Memories of the City by Jordana Blejmar

Afterword by Simon Yorke, Chairman of Independents LiverpoolBiennial

Links to Artists’ Works

Further Reading

Format: Paperback

Size: 250 x 210 mm

144 Pages

128 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9781781382448

Publication: June 3, 2016

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