Culture, History, Place

Edited by David J. Starkey, David Atkinson, Briony McDonagh, Sarah McKeon, and Elisabeth Salter

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ISBN: 9781781384206

Publication: May 18, 2017

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From its earliest origins to the twenty-first century, Hull is a city that has been continually shaped by flows of people, commodities, ideas and trade. The result is a distinctive city with a longstanding, varied, proud and often remarkable history. Hull: Culture, History, Place is a celebration of this unique city’s past and present. Telling the story of Hull from the earliest settlement on the muddy banks of the river, through civil war rebellion, maritime success and the trauma of the Second World War to post-war resilience and recovery, this book shows how and why Hull has been a place of significance and success over many centuries. The eleven chapters, twenty-five enlightening vignettes and many illustrations bring the city’s history to light and life, exploring the people, places, trade, industry, ideas, creativity and vision that have formed the lived experience of this city for over eight hundred years.

Briony McDonagh is Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Hull.

David Atkinson is Professor of Cultural and Historical Geography at the University of Hull.

David J Starkey is Professor of Maritime History and Director of the Maritime Historical Studies Centre at the University of Hull.

Elisabeth Salter is Professor of Medieval Studies and Cultural Creativity at the University of Hull.

Sarah McKeon is Research Assistant at the University of Hull.

1 Introduction David Atkinson, Briony McDonagh, Sarah McKeon, Elisabeth Salter, David J. Starkey, Martin Wilcox
2 The Origins and Early Development of Kingston upon Hull: an archaeological perspective D H Evan
3 Hull’s Medieval LivesElisabeth Salter
4 Rebellious HullBriony McDonagh
5 The Merchants’ Golden AgeDavid & Susan Neave
6 Dock Development, 1778-1914Martin Wilcox
7 The Making of a Mosaic: Migration and the port city of Kingston upon HullNicholas J. Evans
8 The Sporting Life of the City Tony Collins & Victoria Dawson
9 Distant-Water Trawlerman: William Oliver, 1884-1959 David J. Starkey
10 Trauma and utopianism in Second World War Hull David Atkinson
11 Memory on the Waterfront in late Twentieth-Century Hull Jo Byrne & Alex Ombler

1. Holy Trinity – Sarah McKeon
2. By the tide of Humber: Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) – Stuart Mottram
3. Town Taking Day – David & Susan Neave
4. The Bounty – Robb Robinson
5. William Wilberforce (1758-1833) – Robb Robinson
6. Whaling – David Atkinson
7. Hull Fair – Sarah McKeon
8. Zachariah Pearson (1821-1891) – Robb Robinson
9. Sensationalising Hull: Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Theatrical and Literary Connections, 1852-1915 – Janine Hatter
10. William Papper (1867-1881) – Martin Wilcox
11. Charles Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme (1833-1907) – Robb Robinson
12. William Colbeck – Robb Robinson
13. Hull’s Bridges – Alex Ombler
14. Mary Murdoch (1864-1916) – Katherine Cockin
15. A City of Character: Winifred Holtby’s Hull, 1898-1935 – Jane Thomas
16. Madame Clapham – Susan Capes
17. Amy Johnson (1903-1941) – Robb Robinson
18. The University of Hull – David Atkinson
19. ‘A Poetic Place’: the Hull of Philip Larkin (1922-1985) – Daniel Weston and James Underwood
20. Housing and the move to the estates – Jo Byrne
21. Lil Bilocca (1929-1988) – Brian Lavery
22. Clive Sullivan (1943-1985) – Robb Robinson
23. Out of place, out of time: Peter Didsbury’s Hull – James Underwood
24. Hull’s Personality: Richard Bean (1956-) – Victoria Dawson
25. Hull music scene – Kevin Milburn

It is a genuine collaborative effort that has been beautifully put together to give a real feel for the culture and history of a very distinctive place. The book is enhanced still further by the efforts of the publisher, since high-quality paper enhances the scores of full-colour illustrations. It is a book largely written by academics from the University of Hull but the text is extremely readable and will do much to enhance the pride of citizens in their history while educating visitors about the unique character of the city.
Terry R. Slater, Journal of Historical Geography

Format: Paperback

Size: 246 x 189 mm

400 Pages

180 illustrations

ISBN: 9781781384206

Publication: May 18, 2017

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