Romantic Reconfigurations: Studies in Literature and Culture 1780‒1850

Series Editors:

Professor Tim Fulford, De Montfort University

Professor Alan Vardy, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY

The aim of this new book series from one of the UK’s leading university presses is to present new groundbreaking approaches to the period in which Romantic writing was produced and consumed. As befits a series published in the city of Roscoe and Rushden, a city that linked Britain to the transatlantic trade in cotton, in sugar and in people, we welcome studies that reconfigure the literary and cultural geographies and histories of Romanticism, and we encourage proposals across a broad range of critical approaches.  Topics of interest include, but are by no means confined to, provincial and labouring-class writing, diasporic and colonial writing, natural history and other scientific discourse, journalism, popular culture, music and theatre, landscape and nature, cosmopolitanism and travel, poetics and form.

Please send proposals of 1,500-2,000 words to and under the subject line Romantic Reconfigurations. Editors of proposed collections should include abstracts of individual essays.

Due to be published in Autumn 2017, the first book in this series will be Women’s Literary Networks and Romanticism: "A Tribe of Authoresses", edited by Andrew O. Winckles and Angela Rehbein. Also forthcoming are Deirdre Coleman’s Henry Smeathman, the Flycatcher: Natural History, Slavery and Empire in the late Eighteenth Century and Seth Reno’s Amorous Aesthetics: Intellectual Love in Romantic Poetry and Poetics, 1788–1853.

Commissioning Editor: Jenny Howard
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