Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures

Series Editors:

Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool

Edmund J. Smyth, Manchester Metropolitan University

Editorial Board:

Jacqueline Dutton, University of Melbourne, Australia

Lynn A. Higgins, Dartmouth College, USA

Mireille Rosello, University of Amsterdam

Michael Sherringham, University of Oxford

Tom Conley, Harvard University

This series aims to provide a forum for new research on modern and contemporary French and francophone cultures and writing. The volumes published in Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures reflect a wide variety of critical practices and theoretical approaches, in harmony with the intellectual, cultural and social developments which have taken place over the past few decades. All manifestations of contemporary French and francophone culture and expression are considered, including literature, cinema, popular culture, theory. The volumes in the series will participate in the wider debate on key aspects of contemporary culture.

Commissioning Editor: Chloe Johnson
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