Eighteenth Century Worlds

Series Editors:

Dr Mark Towsey and Professor Eve Rosenhaft, University of Liverpool

Published in collaboration with the University of Liverpool’s Eighteenth-Century Worlds Research Centre.

LUP’s Eighteenth-Century Worlds book series promotes innovative new research in the political, social, economic, intellectual and cultural life of the ‘long’ eighteenth century (c.1650 c.1850), from a variety of historical, theoretical and critical perspectives. Monographs published in the series usually adopt international, comparative and/or interdisciplinary approaches to the global eighteenth century, in volumes that make the results of specialist research accessible to an informed, but not discipline-specific audience.

Editorial Board:

Professor John Brewer (Cal Tech)

Dr Franca Dellarosa (Bari)

Professor Ulrike Gleixner (Herzog-August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel)

Dr Holger Hoock (Pittsburgh)

Professor Frédéric Ogée (Paris)

Professor Simon Schaffer (Cambridge)

Dr Kate Tunstall (Oxford)

Professor Howard Weinbrot (UW Madison)

Professor James Van Horn Melton (Emory)

Professor Naomi Tadmor (Lancaster)

Commissioning Editor: Alison Welsby
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