Polin Studies in Polish Jewry

Polin, established in 1986 by the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies, has acquired a well-deserved reputation for publishing authoritative material on all aspects of Polish Jewry. Contributions are drawn from many disciplines- history, politics, religious studies, literature, linguistics, sociology, art, and architecture-and from a wide variety of viewpoints.

Published for the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies and the American Association for Polish-Jewish Studies.

If you would like to find out more about the Institute for Polish-Jewish Studies or the American Association for Polish-Jewish Studies, please contact them at [polin@littman.co.uk].

The American Association has its own website which can be found at aapjstudies.org.

Book and other reviews submitted to Polin are now published only on the website of the American Association for Polish–Jewish Studies at aapjstudies.org/index.php?id=4.

'Perhaps the only scholarly publication devoted entirely to Polish–Jewish history. Readers are struck by the sheer weight of scholarship and by the quality of historical research represented… they will be struck even more by the freshness of approach many of the authors apply... It is already becoming, and fast, a weighty, ineradicable presence in the continuing Polish–Jewish history, as well as in the on-going social-scientific effort to comprehend the changing world in which we live.'

Zygmunt Bauman, Jewish Quarterly

'Performs a very valuable function as a forum in which both sides—Polish and Jewish—can discuss their views. That such a forum is needed is evident from the distance which remains between Jewish and Polish perceptions of their common history.'

Steven Beller, Times Higher Education Supplement

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