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Italy is Out

Published on112 pages50 imagesISBN:9781800856769 (Paperback) |eISBN:9781800857285 (PDF)

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Italy is Out is the fruit of the collaboration between Mario Badagliacca, the established documentary photographer, and the research team of ‘Transnationalizing Modern Languages: Mobility, Identity and Translation in Modern Italian Cultures’ (2014-16). This ARHC-funded project explored the implications of Italian migration in a global perspective tracing cultural transformations across borders, generations, and language. Badagliacca visited some of the project’s key locations conducting interviews with Italians or people of Italian descent before photographing them in familiar locations. The subjects of the portraits were invited to bring along three objects representing their attachment to Italy. The sheer variety of the objects which appear alongside the portraits suggest the diversity of the migrant experience. Photographs shot in London, New York, and Buenos Aires feature members of the historical Italian community, but also first generation migrants in search of opportunities not offered at home. A similar complexity emerges, more unexpectedly, in the postcolonial Italian communities of Tunis and Addis Abeba. The photographs are accompanied by essays written by members of the research team and people who have in some way participated in the project. Fiction, autobiography and academic reflection sit side by side adding to Badagliacca’s multifaceted exploration of Italians abroad.

Mario Badagliacca is a freelance Sicilian photographer. He studied international relations and politics at the University 'L'Orientale' in Naples and photo-reportage and photojournalism in Rome. Along his photographic activity, he has always collaborated with non-profit organizations and been involved in humanitarian programmes. His work documents migration, life on the borders, human right violations, and social issues.

Derek Duncan is Professor of Italian at the University of St Andrews.


Italy is Out, as the title suggests, oversteps the dichotomy of inside-outside by dismissing the idea of Italian migrants as inhabitants of a periphery far from the geographical centre... being Italian means to be part of this collective act of making kin between people and cultures, as the volume itself does by encompassing images and words authored by scholars, artists and migrants themselves. In an ongoing process of mirroring faces, stories and objects, Italy is Out is able to picture, also literally, the complex and dynamic culture of Italy throughout the last two centuries.’

Anna Finozzi, Annali d’Italianistica

Table of Contents

Mario Badagliacca and Derek Duncan: Introductory Note
1) Mario Badagliacca, Myth proposes
2) Nicoletta Vallorani, Magical Objects: pictures of Italians across the world
3) Derek Duncan, 7721
4) Donna Gabbaccia, Seeing Diaspora
5) Luci Callipari-Marcuzzo, Tracciando fili del passato (Tracing threads of the past)
6) Edvige Giunta, Llammicu
7) Charles Burdett, The Italian Community of Addis Ababa
8) Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, My Beloved Stepmother
9) Georgia Wall, Italian Migration/Personal Effects
10) Barbara Spadaro, Italian Mobilities: A View from Tunis
11) Jacopo Colombini, Fare l’italiano
12) Margaret Hills de Zárate, The Multiple Lives of Things
Notes on Contributors