Journal of Romance Studies

Goa’s freedom struggle

The literary network in the newspaper Free Goa

Journal of Romance Studies (2021), 21, (1), 31–48.


This article considers the literary network of anti-colonial literary narratives, short stories, and poems, by Indian, Goan, and Portuguese writers which appeared in the 1950s and 1960s in the left-wing Goan journal Free Goa, published in Bombay (now Mumbai) at a time when Goa’s freedom fighters were seeking India’s support in order to attain their independence from Portuguese colonial domination. Following Jean-Paul Sartre (1949) and Benoît Denis (2000), we claim that these literary works can be read as engaged literature since in elaborate or straightforward literary styles they urge Goans to look for inspiration in India’s independence from British domination (1947) and to free themselves from the Salazarist regime.

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Festino, Cielo G.