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This page provides useful information for prospective and contracted Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment authors. All information on these pages can be found in full in the downloadable Author's Guide.

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Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment is a long-standing series published by the Voltaire Foundation of the University of Oxford in partnership with Liverpool University Press. Since its inception in 1955, the series has been known for its high degree of editorial rigor, its breadth of coverage and its interdisciplinary, international audience.

We welcome expressions of interest and submissions of proposals for book-length works of original scholarship in English or French on all topics relating to the study of the Enlightenment, broadly understood. We are interested in work on any and all aspects of the culture, beliefs, thought, history, literature, art, music, politics and society from the later seventeenth century through early nineteenth century. While European culture has long been and remains at the core of our series, it is by no means the limit.

We consider manuscripts between 75,000 and 150,000 words of the following formats:
  • monographs, which might be revised theses, research projects by established scholars or book-length essays.
  • themed volumes of essays closely linked by a common approach, problematic or argument.
  • editions of previously unpublished documents or texts accompanied by original scholarly analysis or commentary.
NB: Proposing authors or editors of works which meet with the above-stated criteria and which have been previously published in languages other than French or English (and who can provide a professionally translated manuscript and worldwide rights for publication of an English or French edition) are also welcome to inquire.

Initial Inquiry or Referral

We welcome and encourage informal inquiries or referrals prior to the submission of a proposal. To do so, please complete our online referral form.

Preparing and Submitting a Proposal

As a small, specialized series edited by active scholars in the field and published on behalf of a research institute (the Voltaire Foundation), the Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment puts great emphasis on the development of the manuscript and not merely the publication of the final product. For this reason, projects are vetted by our editorial board at the outset rather than the end of the editorial process; this approach enables the board to provide feedback to the author before the manuscript is submitted and to advise the General Editor on whether or not to invite submission of the full manuscript for review. Thus, the proposal holds great importance in our process.

NB: Volume editors may wish to consider these extra guidelines before submission.

Proposals may be submitted in English or French and should follow this template. Please upload them at this link or email them directly to the General Editor. In most instances, proposers may expect a response from the General Editor, including a report on behalf of the editorial board, within 90 days of submitting the proposal.

Preparing, revising and submitting a book manuscript

Once invited to do so by the General Editor, you may submit the draft of your manuscript online. It will then be referred to a qualified peer reviewer to assess its readiness for publication. Submitters of manuscripts may expect a response from the General Editor, including a report from the external readers, 4 to 6 months following submission of the manuscript.

To help facilitate the preparation and submission of your manuscript, and its subsequent revisions, we strongly advise reading our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines and consulting our Policies and Style Guide.

Images and Permissions

As all permissions should be cleared before a final version of your manuscript is submitted, we advise you begin the process as soon as possible. Please consult our Guide to Permissions for advice and a sample permissions letter for you to use.

When submitting your final manuscript, you will also be asked to kindly complete an Illustrations Information Form and to upload your illustrations online.

Once your manuscript has been through the peer-review process and has been finalised, it will enter the production process:


The Head of Production will contact you with a brief outline of the production schedule. The manuscript is then sent to the copy-editor who will correct grammar and spelling mistakes, check that references are given consistently, and otherwise ensure that the manuscript is styled consistently according to the OSE style sheet. If the copy-editor raises queries that must be clarified before typesetting, she will contact you; if the queries are minor, we will ask you to clarify them later during the proofreading stage.

We consider accepted manuscripts to be the final text (excluding copyediting and necessary correction during the proofs stage), and rewriting is not permitted once your manuscript has entered the copy-editing process.


The Production Editor will send you your copy-edited and typeset manuscript as PDF proofs. She will ask you to check the proofs thoroughly and return your corrections (as a marked-up PDF, or as a list in Word) within 3 weeks.

At this stage we ask you to suggest necessary corrections only (for typos, incorrect information, and so forth). Non-necessary changes or new additions of text are to be avoided. Excessive corrections may incur an extra cost as defined in your author contract.


After your corrections are adopted, you will be sent a corrected second PDF proof from which to create your index. We will ask you to return your index (and any final corrections) to us 3 weeks after we send you this second proof. For advice and guidelines on preparing the index, please consult our Index Preparation Guide.


The Publishing Coordinator will consult with you over possible cover images and acquire a suitable image. A proof of your cover – including your blurb and all author biographies – will be forwarded to you for your approval.

Final approval and print

Once we have inserted your index and have made all corrections to the text and cover, we will ask you for your final sign-off on the book. We will arrange for the book to be printed.

Every book we publish in the series has a custom-made marketing plan to maximise publicity and sales. Therefore, after your final manuscript has been submitted, you will be contacted by the Publishing Coordinator. Along with providing you with your editorial contract, she will also discuss the marketing and publicity for your book and ask you to complete a standard Publicity Questionnaire.

Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability as, not only will this be invaluable for us to make sure the right audiences know about your book, much of the information you provide will go on to form the back cover blurb and marketing copy for your book.

This questionnaire will then inform the individual marketing plan which will be drawn up and followed by the LUP Marketing team before and after the publication of your book.

For further information on advance publicity, distribution, flyers, and conferences, please consult our full Marketing and Promotion Guide or email the Publishing Coordinator to discuss any marketing or publicity queries.

Who should I contact about xyz?

If you have an editorial question (including a proposal, question about editorial review process, query about revising a manuscript), please contact the series' General Editor.

If you have question about the material preparation of the final manuscript and/or the book production process, please contact the Publishing Coordinator.

If you have a question about publicity, marketing, and sales of your book, please contact the Books Marketing Manager.

If you have a question about a manuscript currently in production, please contact the Head of Production.

Am I entitled to author discount?

Every Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment author is entitled to 35% discount on their own book, on any book in the series, and on all other Liverpool University Press titles. You can order books from our Trade Marketing Manager.

When will I receive my contract?

Once your final manuscript and all associated files have been submitted to the General Editor, your book will be passed onto the Publishing Coordinator. She will contact you at this stage to issue your contract and once this is signed your book will be put into production.

Where are the reviews for my book?

Some journal publications which will review your book are published twice a year or even annually. Have patience when it comes to reviews of your work, we pass on reviews to you as soon as we receive them. It can take anywhere onward of 6 months to receive them.

Can we send a review copy to xyz?

We will accommodate review copy requests wherever possible. Contact the Publishing Cooardinator with your suggestion for any review or publicity outlets.