Spotlight on: The Female Voice

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For March we are putting a spotlight on books and journals which incorporate the female voice.

As we move into Women’s History Month, we’ve gathered together some recent and forthcoming titles that focus on women’s contribution to history, society and culture. The collection ranges through time and space, from eighteenth-century women’s journals in France (Figurations of the Feminine in the Early French Women’s Press) to narratives of sexual violence in late twentieth-century American fiction (Writing the Survivor), and from the Anglo-Irish Ascendancy (Women of the Country House in Ireland) to the ‘Years of Lead’ in Morocco (Revisionary Narratives: Moroccan Women’s Auto/Biographical and Testimonial Acts). Across our literature, history, modern languages and visual culture lists, we aim to lift up women’s voices and explore the female experience in all its complexity.

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Gender and resilience in the female astronaut film
Lisa Purse

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Women, girls and world poverty: empowerment, equality or essentialism?
Sylvia Chant

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Taking women’s bodily functions into account in urban planning and policy: public toilets and menstruation
Clara Greed