How to publish your research with LUP

1. Find the right journal  

Who is your target audience? We publish a variety of subscription model journals in modern languages, literature, history, culture and religious studies. Browse the list of LUP journals

Do you want to publish open access? Paying to publish your paper open access offers the advantage of a large readership for your work. LUP offers a hybrid OA and subscription model for all journals as well as Modern Languages Open, an open access initiative with a low fee for authors. View our OA policy.

2. Prepare your paper 

Read the 'Guidelines for Contributors' provided on each journal webpage and give careful consideration to the following when preparing your paper for submission: 

  • Abstract: summarise, explain and provide the conclusion 
  • Highlights and keywords: detailed keywords will increase the visibility of your research 
  • Language quality: poor English is one of the most common reasons for rejection 
  • Supplementary material: enrich your article with videos, graphical abstracts or interactive maps Title: not long, not too short and informative! 
  • Visibility: share your research data online

3. Submit and revise your paper 

How to submit your paper differs for each LUP journal, check the webpage for details. 

  • Editor's decision: The journal editor makes the decision as to whether your paper is suitable for publication
  • Peer-review: If you are successful your paper will be sent for peer-review. This is conducted by experts in your field to check for plagiarism and acts as a filter to ensure only good research is published. It improves the quality of research submitted for publication by giving reviewers the opportunity to suggest improvements
  • Revisions: you will be sent a list of corrections and amendments to make to your paper prior to publication

4. Promote your work 

Your role as author does not end once your article is published! 

It is essential to share and promote the link to your article, list it on any online profiles and present your work at conferences. Click here to view our Author Marketing Toolkit.