• Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

    The foremost British academic journal devoted to the languages, literatures and civilizations of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

  • Catalan Review

    Published on behalf of the North American Catalan Society, dealing with all aspects of Catalan culture.

  • CFC Intersections

    Scholarship related to intersectionality and the broader associated notion of intersections in French and Francophone studies.

  • Contemporary French Civilization

    Devoted to all aspects of civilization and cultural studies in France and the Francophone world.

  • Journal of Romance Studies

    Promotes innovative critical work in the areas of linguistics, literature, performing and visual arts, media, material culture, intellectual and cultural history, critical and cultural theory, psychoanalysis, gender studies, social sciences and anthropology.

  • Modern Languages Open

    A peer-reviewed platform for the open access publication of research from across the modern languages to a global audience.
  • Quebec Studies

    Dealing with all aspects of Québec society and Francophone Canadian culture.