Reviewer Rewards

Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce our Awards for Outstanding Journal Reviewers

Good peer-review is essential to uphold the quality of an academic journal, and as academics often receive no professional credit for submitting peer-reviews, it is important to recognise their valuable contribution. Carefully selected by our journal editors, these individuals have provided an exceptional service to their disciplines by contributing timely, rigorous and thoughtful peer reviews to some of the leading publications in their fields in 2020. 

By publishing the names of the outstanding peer-reviewers from the last year, we hope to highlight their significant contribution to the academic research community and the quality of our journals. The below list of outstanding reviewers awarded for their contribution in 2020 have agreed to have their names published on our website: 

Ars Judaica,  Marla Segol 

Ars Judaica, Claire Le Foll

British Journal of Canadian Studies, James T. Carson, Professor of History, Queen's University

British Journal of Canadian Studies, Lindsay Diehl

Bulletin of Contemporary Hispanic Studies, Evelyn Fishburn

Byron Journal, Christine Kenyon Jones 

Byron Journal, Alan Rawes 

Catalan Review, Eloit Grasset

Catalan Review, Benjamin Fraser

Contemporary French Civilization, Sue Harris 

Contemporary French Civilization, Matthieu Dalle

European Journal of Language Policy, Claire Chaplier

European Journal of Language Policy, Philippe Millot

Essays in Romanticism, Mary M Balkun

Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, Johnson Cheu 

Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies, Cynthia Wu

Journal of Romance Studies, Hannah Scott

Journal of Romance Studies, Helen Minors 

Quaker Studies, Rebecca Winter

Quaker Studies, Steven Angell

Romani Studies, Dr Tomasz Koper

Romani Studies, Dr Victor Shapoval 

Romani Studies, Dr Gerd Carling 

Science Fiction Film and Television, Hoda El Shakry 

Science Fiction Film and Television, Conrad Scott