Liverpool Studies in the Politics of Popular Culture

Sociologists and other scholars are reporting a resurgence of interest in popular culture. To engage with popular culture is to engage in any number of debates about power, ideology, hegemony, (dis)order, resistance and reproduction. The purpose of this new series is to engage with these concepts, not as abstract ideas circulating in the grand corridors of government and academe, but rather, as Raymond Williams (1958) once put it, manifest in the everyday lives of “ordinary” people.

This new series looks at popular culture in its broadest sense, including topics such as celebrity and reality TV, popular culture and youth, race and diversity, Internet culture, television, music, cinema, social media, games, comedy, popular literature, comics and graphic novels, radio, subcultures, countercultures and celebrity cultures, advertising and consumerism, sports, and more. Proposals are welcome from across the disciplines and subject fields of sociology, cultural sociology, cultural studies, sociology of identity and community, popular music studies, youth studies, fashion studies, gender studies, and sport and leisure studies.

Proposals are warmly invited for the series; please contact Alison Welsby or one of the series editors with a Proposal Submission Form.

Commissioning Editor: Alison Welsby

Series Editors:
Brett Lashua, University College London
Stephen Wagg, De Montfort University