Awards for Outstanding Reviewers

Liverpool University Press is delighted to announce the Awards for Outstanding Reviewers. Carefully selected by our journal editors, these individuals have provided exceptional service to their disciplines by contributing timely, rigorous and thoughtful peer reviews to some of the leading publications in their fields.

Stephen Angell, Quaker Studies
Jon Ardila (book reviewer), Bulletin of Hispanic Studies
David Baulch, Essays in Romanticism
Nicoleta Bazgan, Contemporary French Civilization
Bernard Beatty, The Byron Journal
John Callaghan, Labour History Revoew
Malcolm Chase, Labour History Review
Alyssa Crittenden, Hunter Gatherer Research
Michael Davidson, Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies
Ann Davies (article reviewer), Bulletin of Hispanic Studies
Tony Elger, Historical Studies in Industrial Relations
Immaculada Fàbregas, Catalan Review
Dan Hassler-Forrest, Science Fiction Film & Television
Christine Kenyon Jones, The Byron Journal
Philip Kaisary, Francosphères
James Kneale, Extrapolation
Petra Kuppers, Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies
Jerome Lewis, Hunter Gatherer Research
Jaume Martí-Olivella, Catalan Review
Tim Martin, Sculpture Journal
Mark Richard, Quebec Studies
Benjamin Robertson, Extrapolation
Alistair Rolls, Australian Journal of French Studies
MIléna Santoro, Quebec Studies
Steve Shaviro, Science Fiction Film & Television
Andrew Sobanet, Contemporary French Civilization
Piet van de Craen, European Journal of Language Policy
Giselle Vincett, Quaker Studies
Orinn Wang, Essays in Romanticism

Liverpool University Press and our journal editors recognise the important contribution of all of our reviewers in ensuring a consistently high quality of published work.  The individuals selected for specific recognition this year will be sent a Certificate of Recognition, and a letter will be sent to each reviewer’s Head of Department outlining the importance of their contribution.

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